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Which 2020 songs are fans voting for in the ESC250 poll?

Voting in the annual poll of Eurovision fan's favourite songs of all time #ESC250 is currently underway.

The organisers of the poll,, made the decision to include the 2020 songs much to the delight of fans.

Each year the songs of that year's Contest feature heavily - in the 2019 poll, four songs from Tel Aviv made the Top 10.

But how will fans respond this year? Will they embrace and vote for the songs in the same way without the fireworks of Eurovision staging and results?

We decided to find out..

Did fans include 2020 songs in their votes?

Firstly we asked fans on Twitter, did they include 2020 songs in their Top 10 votes this year?

  • 55% of fans who had already voted said they did

  • 32% said they included just one song

  • 23% said they included multiple songs

So pretty high numbers at this stage.

More importantly, which songs are they voting for?

We went through hundred and hundreds and HUNDREDS of votes that fans had shared on social media.

Appointing the usual 12-1 points system we had a clear indication of who the early voters were favouring....

Here are the Top 5 songs:

1. Diodato - 'Fai rumore' (Italy) - 413 points

The Italian ballad was easily in front from start to finish in our polling. We found 413 points for the song, over double the amount of the next 2020 song.

Does that mean he would have won Eurovision? Of course you can't say that, but you can say that the song has obviously stayed with many people after May. Additionally this is only a subset of voters who are voting early... and if there's one thing we learnt from the US Election, things can turn around very quickly!

2. Daði Freyr og Gagnamagnið - 'Think About Things' (Iceland) - 193 points

The heavy favourite and the most commercially successful song of 2020 came in runner-up. This was a surprising result considering the fervour among the fans of this song. Obviously it has still finished high, it's just how far behind Diodato which is the shock. However we all know Daði has a huge amount of support and could easily do a Biden and still finish as the highest 2020 song on the actual countdown.

3. Victoria - 'Tears Getting Sober' (Bulgaria) - 156 points

One of the betting favourites heading into the cancelled Rotterdam Contest, Victoria's 'Tears Getting Sober' has still stayed with fans. With a contemporary feel to the song that many compared to Billie Eilish, it's not super surprising to see this so high.

4. Gjon's Tears - 'Repondez-Moi' (Switzerland) - 149 points

Divisive for some but for those who loved this entry, they LOVED it. It's not surprise to see this among the highest 2020 entries and would expect it to make the final 250 list. The Swiss artist will be back at the Contest in 2021.

5. Ulrikke - 'Attention' - 128 points

Always up there in the Top 10 with fans from 2020, it is surprising to see this song so comfortably in the Top 5. The strong Scandi ballad was always going to be popular and it's obviously stayed with fans after May. Ulrikke, unlike many favoured artists, won't be back for Eurovision in 2021.

The rest of the Top 20 is below:

6. The Mamas - 'Move' (Sweden) - 87 points

7. Little Big - 'Uno' (Russia) - 82 points

8. The Roop - 'On Fire' (Lithuania) - 69 points

9. Efendi - 'Cleopatra' (Azerbaijan) - 67 points

10. Go_A - 'Solovey' (Ukraine) - 51 points

11. Hurricane - 'Hasta la vista' (Serbia) - 42 points

12. Roxen - 'Alcohol You' (Romania) - 39 points

13. Jeangu Macrooy - 'Grow' (Netherlands) - 32 points

14. Destiny Chukunyere - 'All of My Love' (Malta) - 28 points

15. Ben Dolic - 'Violent Thing' (Germany) - 25 points

16. Damir Kedžo - 'Divlji vjetre' (Croatia) - 19 points

17. Alicja - 'Empires' (Poland) - 16 points

18. Samanta Tina - 'Still Breathing' (Latvia) - 16 points

19. Montaigne - 'Don't Break Me' (Australia) - 15 points

20. Arilena Ara - 'Fall from the Sky' (Albania) - 15 points

All up we found votes for 33 of the 41 songs amoung the hundreds we analyzed.

How many will actually make the final #ESC250? Will the above be the final result?

It's too early to tell, but we can certainly see the songs that have a strong chance of standing out.


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