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  • Craig Land

Vanessa Amorosi releases her second EP of 2021 - ‘Volume 2’

Australia Decides 2020 star Vanessa Amorosi is having an exciting 2021, dropping her second EP for the year overnight, ‘Volume 2’.

This follows hot on the heels of ‘Volume 1’, which launched a fresh gospel-soul sound for the beloved Australian singer-songwriter.

‘Volume 2’ progresses this new chapter of Vanessa’s career, picking up many of the same soul motifs as its predecessor. On social media, though, Vanessa has emphasized that:

“This is super different – it’s still different even from ‘Volume 1’, I feel like it’s heading further down this road.”

The EP features a diverse range of tracks, ranging from the downbeat and melancholic ‘Do You Mean What You Say?” to the dramatic and slightly gothic ‘Human’.

The lead single, ‘Muhammed’, is the biggest break from the powerful soul ballads and midtempo tracks of ‘Volume 1’.

A funky soul track punctuated by slick guitar riffs and synth elements, it showcases Vanessa’s powerhouse soul vocal in a song packed with energy.

In the video clip, Vanessa stages a one-woman disco in an empty alleyway, dressed in trackpants and a hoodie.

On Facebook, Vanessa expressed her enthusiasm for the song, saying

“I’m so EXCITED for you all to hear this track, it’s such a positive vibe that always puts me into a great headspace.”

Throughout June, Vanessa had intended to play a series of shows across Victoria and Perth. Unfortunately, due to the ongoing COVID restrictions, she has had to postpone the Victoria shows.

The postponed dates are as follows, with more information on some shows still to come:

  • 17 June 2021 – Astor Theatre, Perth

  • 6 November 2021 – MEMO Music Hall, VIC (Early Show)

  • 6 November 2021 – MEMO Music Hall, VIC (Late Show)

  • TBC – Shoppingtown Hotel, Doncaster

  • TBC – Live at the Bundy, VIC (Early Show) (SOLD OUT)

  • TBC – Live at the Bundy, VIC (Late Show) (SOLD OUT)

Tickets are still available for some shows here.

An icon of Australian pop music after her performance of ‘Absolutely Everybody’ at the Sydney 2000 Olympics, Vanessa Amorosi is best known to Eurovision fans for performing ‘Lessons of Love’ at Australia Decides 2020. She finished narrowly behind Casey Donovan and Montaigne in third place.

You can get hold of 'Volume 2' here:


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