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Top 5 Iconic Eurovision Entries from Ireland

La Feile Padraig dib go Leir! Happy St Patrick’s Day everyone!

Today is St Patrick’s Day, the national day of the Republic of Ireland and the feast day of the patron saint of Ireland, Saint Patrick.

Ireland has a long history in Eurovision, and despite some struggles recently, do currently hold the record for the most wins in the competition.

To celebrate St Patrick’s Day, let’s take a look at my top 5 most iconic entries from the Emerald Isle.

5. 2008: Dustin the Turkey – 'Irlande Douze Pointe' (15th in Semi Final)

I’m sorry Ireland, I have to do this.

This entry makes the list because of how different and ironically bad it is.

It was just a messy entry, but you can't deny it was different.

A puppet singing with human back-up dancing in odd costumes emblazoned with the colours of the Irish flag.

Whether it was the intention or not, this song feels like a bit of a protest song at the way the contest was going, and at Ireland’s recent lack of success.

The most surprising thing about it all is this did not even finish last in its semi – that honour went to the debutant San Marino that year!

4. 1996: Eimear Quinn – 'The Voice' (1st in the Final)

This one is on the list because of just how Irish this winning song is. It’s hard to explain, but if you listen to the song without knowing the country or artist, you can tell the music sounds a lot like many other pieces of traditional Celtic music.

Regardless, ‘The Voice’ was nothing like Ireland had sent in the previous contests, and Eimear was Ireland’s fourth winner in five years with the contest returning to Dublin yet again the following year.

It would however be the last time Ireland won the contest.

3: 2018 – Ryan O'Shaughnessy – 'Together' (16th in the Final)

Who could forget that amazing staging?!

The Irish team did a great job to make the most of the no LED situation in Lisbon to create one of the most effective staging of the year.

The Irish team took a bit of a risk and replicated the two male dancers dancing together from the music video on the stage in Lisbon.

Ryan earned Ireland’s first qualification since 2013, and one of Ireland’s best result of the decade.

2. 1987: Johnny Logan – 'Hold Me Now' (1st in the FInal)

Ah, Mr Eurovision himself.

After first winning the contest in 1980, Johnny Logan returned to the Eurovision stage with his emotional love song ‘Hold Me Now’.

Back in the era where staging was not front of mind, audiences were captivated by the emotion portrayed by Logan as he performed and he nabbed Ireland’s third win, and his second of the decade (He earlier on in 1980 with 'What's Another Year'.

Even over 30 years after his winning performance, he is still invited all over Europe to perform the song, including at Norway's Melodi Grand Prix in 2017.

To date he is the only two time winner of the contest and the only "Australian" to ever win the contest (he was born in Frankston, Victoria!).

1: 2011: Jedward – 'Lipstick' (8th in the Final)

Who could forget Jedward? This one makes the list over their 2012 entry because the song is more memorable and achieved a better result.

‘Lipstick’ takes the top spot in this list for a combination of factors.

The song is just so catchy, the energy the twins brought was infectious and the staging was put together so well.

‘Lipstick’ is certainly the better performing of the two songs at the contest, finishing in 8th place, the only Irish entry to make the top 10 in the last 14 years.

So that's the Top 5 list, do you agree? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter.

Ireland's 2020 entry is Lesley Roy with 'Story of My Life'.


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