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Top 20 Eurovision 2023 songs on TikTok

For another year TikTok has played a big role in promoting Eurovision songs in the lead up, during and after the Eurovision Song Contest.

TikTok has seen many Eurovision songs gain popularity with people outside of the Eurovision bubble. The Eurovision 2019 winning song, 'Arcade' by Duncan Laurence saw a resurgence and appeared on the music charts around the world in 2020. The songs success can be attributed to its appearance on TikTok stemmed from Harry Potter fans who were making videos using cut scenes from the Harry Potter films to show case the good in Draco Malfoy's character.

Today we look at the current top 20 songs of Eurovision 2023 since their release.

Here are the top 20 Eurovision 2023 songs on TikTok based on the total amount of videos the song has featured in on the social media platform as of October 15, 2023:

1. Loreen - 'Tattoo' (Sweden) - 355.1k videos

2. Blanka - 'Solo' (Poland) - 165.09k

3. Marco Mengoni - 'Due vite' (Italy) - 155.9k

4. Noa Kirel - 'Unicorn' (Israel) - 98.1k

5. Käärijä - 'Cha Cha Cha' (Finland) - 74.3k

6. Alessandra - 'Queen of Kings' (Norway) - 72.7k

7. Let 3 - 'Mama ŠČ!' (Croatia) - 16.068k

8. Mae Muller - 'I Wrote a Song' (United Kingdom) - 14.2k

9. La Zarra - 'Évidemment' (France) - 12.4k

10. Tvorchi - 'Heart of Steel' (Ukraine) - 8.5k


11. Joker Out - 'Carpe Diem' (Slovenia) - 6.5k

12. Teya and Salena - 'Who the Hell Is Edgar?' (Austria) - 5.13k

13. Blanca Paloma - 'Eaea' (Spain) - 4.9k

14. Brunette - 'Future Lover' (Armenia) - 4.46k

15. Reiley - 'Breaking My Heart' (Denmark) - 4.28k

16. Pasha Parfeni - 'Soarele și luna' (Moldova) - 3.63k

17. Andrew Lambrou - 'Break a Broken Heart' (Cyprus) - 3.6k

18. Voyager - 'Promise' (Australia) - 2.84k

19. Gustaph - 'Because of You' (Belgium) - 2.53k

20. Vesna - 'My Sister's Crown' (Czechia) - 2.49k

'Due vite' by Marco Mengoni was actually the most popular Eurovision 2023 song on TikTok before the Contest began. 'Tattoo' made huge gains after Loreen's second Eurovision win be the most popular Eurovision 2023 song on TikTok by hundreds of thousands of videos Eurovision 2023. 'Solo' by Blanka also made huge gains on TikTok after the Contest.

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Sara Jampen
Sara Jampen
Oct 30, 2023

Good day! Thank you for the information.

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