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The Eurovision connections to Masked Singer Australia

This month has seen the beginning of the fourth season of Masked Singer Australia.

The rumours are already flying that Snapdragon may be Sheldon Riley, Australia's 2021 Eurovision entrant.

From Eurovision performers, Australia Decides and Australian jury members, Aussievision looks at all the Eurovision connections to Masked Singer Australia.

Season 1 - 2019

Paulini Curuenavuli

Paulini Curuenavuli of Australian Idol fame competed in the first season of Masked Singer Australia as the Spider.

Some of the songs the Spider tackled were AC/DC’s ‘Long Way to the Top’, ‘Toxic’ by Britney Spears and David Guetta & Sia’s ‘Titanium’ before being voted out after singing ‘Someone You Loved’ by Lewis Capaldi.

Paulini finished in 5th place overall and only judge Jackie O guess her correctly.

Paulini competed in Australia Decides 2022 with her song ‘We Are One’ which came 6th in the competition but her Eurovision connections go back to 2010. Paulini co-wrote 'Culpable' for Spanish artist Edurne who went on to represent Spain at the Eurovision Song Contest 2015 with the song 'Amanecer'.

Season 2 - 2020

Kate Miller-Heidke

Participating in the second season of Masked Singer, Kate Miller-Heidke was behind the Queen mask.

Forever the Queen of theatrics, Kate delivered many dramatic performances including ‘Blinging Lights’ by the Weeknd, Gloria Gaynor’s ‘I Will Survive’ and The Rolling Stones’ ‘Paint It Black’.

Kate came a controversial runner-up to Bonnie Anderson’s Bushranger.

Dannii Minogue successfully guessed the Queen as Eurovision Royalty, Kate Miller-Heidke.

Kate won Australia Decides 2019 with her performance of ‘Zero Gravity' and went on to represent Australia and place 9th in the Eurovision Song Contest Final.

Isaiah Firebrace

Isaiah competed in Masked Singer Australia in the Wizard costume in 2020. In interviews he said how difficult it had been to keep his participation a secret.

He sang ‘Firework’ by Katie Perry which public voting saw him at risk of being unmasked but survived to sing for another two weeks before being revealed. Isaiah finished 7th in the show overall with Jackie O successfully guessing that Isaiah was behind the Wizard.

Isaiah was launched into the spotlight after winning X Factor Australia in 2016. He went on to represent Australia in Eurovision in 2017 with his song ‘Don’t Come Easy’ which placed 9th in the final.

In 2022 Isaiah was joined by Evie Irie at Australia Decides where they performed the duet ‘When I’m With You’, coming 10th.

Lucy Durack

Lucy Durack was part of the 2017 Australian jury, giving Australia’s 12 points to Lucie Jones ‘Never Give Up On You’.

Performing on the Masked Singer season two as the Cactus and bringing some humour to the character with songs like ‘I Touch Myself’ by the Divinyls. Lucy was unmasked after her performance of ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart’ by Bonnie Tyler (another Eurovision connection) which saw her finish 6th.

Christine Anu

Australian singing royalty Christine Anu was unmasked as the Goldfish in the second season of Masked Singer Australia. She was the third person out of the show with none of the judges successfully guessing she was behind the mask.

Christine was on Australia’s 2019 Eurovision Jury who awarded our 12 points to Sweden’s John Lundvik.

Season 3 - 2021

Jack Vidgen

Jack Vidgen was unveiled as the ‘Kebab’ in season three of Masked Singer Australia. Kebab sang covers including ‘Believe’ by Cher, ‘Juice’ by Lizzo and a particularly moving version of ‘Stay with Me’ by Sam Smith that had beautiful choreography with a giant hot chip.

From Jack’s first performance of ‘Hot Stuff’ by Donna Summer, fans and Jackie O guessed that it was him behind the mask. Jack finishd 4th place in the Masked Singer.

Jack competed in Australia Decides in 2020 with his very personal song, “I am King I Am Queen”. He came 8th in the competition.

Jack was on the Australian Jury in 2021, awarding 12 points to Malta’s Destiny.

Ella Hooper

None of the panellists guessed that Killing Heidi’s frontwoman was behind the ‘Baby’ in season three of Masked Singer Australia.

2019 Australia Decides entrant Ella Hooper competed in the competition singing an eclectic range of songs from ‘Bad to the Bone’ by George Thorogood and the Destroyers to ‘My Favourite Things’ from the Sound of Music before being unmasked after her rendition of ‘As Long As You Love Me’ by The Backstreet Boys. She finished 5th place overall.

Ella’s Australia Decides song ‘Data Dust’ was the first in the running order but sadly was the lowest scoring song of the night.

And finally;

Macy Gray

Although not technically Eurovision, Macy Gray who competed as Atlantis in last year’s Masked Singer Australia was a competitor in this year’s newly launched American Song Contest. Macy Gray represented Ohio with her song ‘Every Night’. Although she had nationwide recognition, she failed to qualify for the semi-finals.

Season two of Masked Singer Australia had the most Eurovision connections. With the Sheldon rumours flying, it will be very interesting to see what other Eurovision connections this season will bring.

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