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The Australian artists supporting Electric Fields on stage at Eurovision 2024

The dynamic duo of Electric Fields are performing for Australia at Eurovision 2024, but who is joining them on stage?

Four other artists support the performance and today SBS, revealed the details of who they are.

The biographies below are supplied by SBS:


Fred Leone (Yidaki player)

Fred Leone is a cultural leader, a true-born artist and one of the Butchulla Songmen with Aboriginal, Tongan and South-Sea Islander roots. One of very few Initiated Aboriginal men in the arts industry, Fred comes from the Garrwa and Butchulla tribes. The Butchulla tribe are the traditional owners of K’gari from Burrum Heads down to Rainbow Beach, Fraser Coast South East Queensland.


As a Songman, his primary instrument is his voice, yet he uses Didgeridoo (Kuluru in Garrwa language), boomerangs (Bargan in Butchulla language), Emu egg (Ngurunj in Butchulla language), tree branches, sand and other objects from K’gari to form his traditional sound pallet.


Fred Leone has been a touring artist for over a decade, throwing rhymes and travelling with Public Enemy, Dead Prez and People Under The Stairs as well as receiving invites to collaborate and play with contemporary artists such as John Butler, Xavier Rudd, Amanda Palmer, best-selling author, Neil Gaiman and many, many more.

Brendan Maclean

Brendan Maclean is known as a singer-songwriter brandishing over ten million streams on Spotify for their original music and just as many views for his spectacular dance-heavy music videos. Signed to Universal Publishing in 2014 after Brendan’s debut single cracked through to a young online market, Maclean followed this up with funbang1 in 2016: An electro-pop record that won over a queer Australian audience and found fresh international ears with multiple tracks licensed by Netflix and Hulu.

A thriving talent, Brendan has been nominated for an ARIA for their work alongside Marcia Hines in the disco musical Velvet, made a cameo in Baz Luhrmann's The Great Gatsby and is currently riding high after a superstar run as the titular roles in Australia’s premiere production of Jekyll & Hyde The Musical at The Hayes. Brendan Maclean has collaborated and performed with a myriad of impressive acts including Kate Miller-Heidke, Neil Gaiman, Amanda Palmer, John Grant and Alan Cumming and continues to release his own music alongside their blossoming theatre career.

Alyson Joyce

Alyson Joyce, an extraordinary creative force currently based in Meanjin/Brisbane, Australia, has carved a remarkable path as a distinguished presenter and visionary entrepreneur. With over two decades of experience, Alyson's journey unfolds as a testament to her unwavering commitment to both artistic excellence and societal change.

As a biracial artist with Papua New Guinean, Irish, and Australian heritage, Alyson's identity infuses her work with a rich tapestry of perspectives. Her magnetic presence has graced stages across Asia, the Pacific, the US, UK, and Europe, captivating audiences with her commanding presence and exceptional talents.

Simi Vuata

Born into a musically talented Indigenous family, softly spoken Simi Vuata found his voice singing gospel at church. Simi grew up in Griffith NSW until his family uprooted and moved to Adelaide, South Australia for Simi to follow his musical dream. He studies at Adelaide University and is a vocalist in the CASM (Centre for Aboriginal Studies in Music). They perform regularly at Indigenous events in the Adelaide area.   Simi names John Legend as well as his friends and family as his biggest influences musically.

Some may also know Simi Vuata from his appearance on The Voice 2015.

The backing artists have an incredibly important role to play in Australia's Eurovision 2024 entry and we wish them the best of luck.

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