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Slovenia's Top 5 Eurovision Songs for Statehood Day

Our contributor Alyce Collett picks her five most iconic entries from Slovenia.

Today (25th June) is Statehood Day, the national day of Slovenia. It marks the day of their declaration of independence from Yugoslavia, and to celebrate let’s take a look at their five most iconic entries since their debut in 1993.

Number 5: Tih Dezeven Dan by 1X Band (1993)

Was this the most memorable entry ever? No. Was it the best result? Nope, it finished equal 22nd that year. But it was the first, so that does give it some points. Caste your mind back to 1993, and to the tiny Irish town of Millstreet. By luck of the running order, Slovenia was the first to perform out of the three debuting countries that year (alongside Croatia and Bosnia & Herzegovina) and opened a whole new era.

Number 4: No One by Maja Keuc (2011)

After three non-qualifications in a row, Slovenia sent 20-year-old Maja Keuc to Dusseldorf with her powerful song about empowerment. It finished in 16th that year, and is still a favourite for many fans to this day.

Number 3: Sebi by Zala Kralj & Gašper Šantl (2019)

This one was iconic due to the mood it set during the performance. In a semi full of loud and poppy songs, this song created a sweet, peaceful atmosphere like none other. Yes it could be argued that Hungary also fited into that category, but Zala and Gašper certainly did a better job as they qualified for the final whereas Hungary did not.

Number 2: Samo ljubezen‎ by Sestre (2002)

Now this was certainly not the first drag entry (Norway gets that honour) but it was the second and a rare representation. 2002 was already a ground breaking year in the history of the contest, with it being hosted for the first time in a country that was previously behind the 'iron curtian'. Regardless, Sestre’s performance came at a time where drag performers weren’t necessarily widely accepted. After they were chosen a national debate ensued regarding gay rights in Slovenia, and it made it all the way to further debates at the European Parliament. Number 1: Hvala, ne! by Lea Sirk (2018)

This by no doubt is the most iconic and memorable entry the Slovenians have ever sent. Who could forget the powerful pink – haired Lea Sirk with her back up dancers and a catchy tune about a defiance against the pressures of modern life. It was certainly a highlight in a crowded field, and in any other year could have been Slovenia’s best ever result. Also, who could ever forget the "technical glitch"? That’s certainly the most creative crowd interaction I’ve ever seen.

That was Alyce's top 5 pics, do you agree? Let us know on our socials @aussievisionnet on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.


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