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‘Set Me Free’ will be Israel's song for Eurovision 2021

The Israeli public have voted on the song that Eden Alene will sing in Rotterdam this May.

Israeli broadcaster KAN has revealed during the TV show ‘HaShir Shelanu L’Eurovizion’ that ‘Set Me Free’ won the Israeli national selection ‘Our Song for Eurovision 2021’. The song beat ‘La La Love’ and ‘Ue La La’ to become Israel’s 2021 Eurovision entry.

‘Set Me Free’ was also the Aussievision team’s winner of the selection! Read more about it here.

During the show, Eden received advice and well-wishes from 2019 Eurovision Song Contest winner Duncan Laurence, as well as meeting the songwriters of each of the final three songs.

‘La La Love’ is written and composed by Joseph Bach, Gil Wayne, and DJ Gal Malka, who is famous for his work with Static & Ben El Tavori. ‘Ue La La’ is written by Nov Eisen, beauty vlogger and social media influencer Aline Cohen, as well as Niv Cohen and Meital Cohen, who participated in the 2011 Israeli National Final as the duo KNOB with the song ‘Ohev Et Ze’ (I’m Loving It). ‘Set Me Free’ is penned by Noam Zlatin, Amit Mordechai, Ron Carmi & Ido Netzer, a member of the band Triangle.

While the top 2 most popular songs in the initial voting stage automatically qualified to the final of the show, KAN revealed that the selection committee chose the song that received third place with the public vote in the first round of voting.

Here’s how the podium finishers performed in the final round of voting:

  • 1st place: ‘Set Me Free’ - 71.3% of the vote

  • 2nd place: ‘La La Love’ - 17.2% of the vote

  • 3rd place: ‘Ue La La' - 11.5% of the vote

A total of 43 461 votes were received in both voting windows.

Below is a results breakdown of the remaining songs which were eliminated after the first round of voting, in which “tens of thousands” of votes were cast. These songs received 54.6% of the public vote between them, while the top 3 shared 45.4% of the vote:

  • 4th place: ‘Shoulders’ - 12.1% of the vote

  • 5th place: ‘Spilling Magic’ - 10.4% of the vote

  • 6th place: ‘Can’t Stop A Hurricane’ - 8.9% of the vote

  • 7th place: ‘Flying’ - 8.7% of the vote

  • 8th place: ‘Coming Out’ - 7.3% of the vote

  • 9th place: ‘Rise Up Today’ - 7.2% of the vote

Eden Alene rose to fame after winning season 3 of ‘The X Factor Israel’ in 2018, then competed on the TV show ‘HaKokhav HaBa’ (Rising Star) in 2020, winning the competition and the opportunity to be Israel’s 2020 Eurovision artist. ‘Feker Libi’ was chosen to be her Eurovision song for that year in the national final ‘HaShir HaBa L’Eurovizion’. After the coronavirus pandemic cancelled the 2020 Eurovision Song Contest, Eden was internally chosen to be Israel’s 2021 representative at the contest.

Eden Alene will sing ‘Set Me Free’ on the 18th May 2021 at the Eurovision Song Contest in Rotterdam. The song will be performed in the second half of the first semi-final.


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