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Seann Miley Moore shares details on his 'Eurovision - Australia Decides' 2022 song 'My Body'

Seann Miley Moore at the Enmore Theatre - December 2021 / Facebook

'Eurovision - Australia Decides' 2022 artist Seann Miley Moore has revealed details on his highly anticipated song 'My Body'.

Seann shared on Instagram that 'My Body' will be released this Friday, February 18.

On TikTok, Seann revealed a 30 second snippet of 'My Body'. Check it out below:

In a recent interview with Aussievision Seann revealed details about how his Australia Decides song came about and what to expect:

"There were some some gorgeous submissions from all around Australia. One of the songs selected was 'My Body' written by the fabulous indie artists, No Frills Twins. The Eurovision team, Paul and the team were like, "We'd love for you to be involved". And I was like, "Wait, hold on me?". Okay, um, I was like, "Can I sing my own song and they're like, look, we'll get to your song, once you win it you can release the song you want, but we'd love for you to sing 'My Body'. I listened to it, fell in love with the song, fell in love with the lyrics and reworked it with gorgeous Sean Carey."

"I'm going to be delivering you all the, it's an anthem, honey, it is an anthem and we've mixed you know just opulent beautiful inspiring chords with this amazing like Euro trash dance pop underneath. Big notes, big beauty, big boldness, body -ody -ody. I'm excited really excited"

No Frills Twins are a Sydney-based duo, Vanessa and Arna, who over the past few years have released catchy indie pop songs. Their most streamed track on Spotify is 'God Bless the Internet' from 2014 with close to one million streams. Their most recent release was in 2020 with 'Big Heart' produced by Lupa J. Their releases might give you a taste of what to possibly expect.

Image / Seann Miley Moore Instagram

We cannot wait for the release of Seann Miley Moore's 'My Body' on Friday!

Check out our full interview with Seann Miley Moore here:

You can catch Seann Miley Moore performing at ‘Eurovision - Australia Decides 2022’ on the Gold Coast on February 25 and 26 with other amazing Australian artists all vying for the coveted spot to represent Australia at Eurovision 2022 in Turn, Italy. Tickets are available here, also you can watch the Australian Eurovision national final on SBS on February 26.


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