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SBS Eurovision 2023: Semi-Final 1 replay – Who did the Australian public like?

Tonight SBS aired the primetime replay of the first semi-final of Eurovision 2023 in Liverpool.

Australian viewers could vote for their favourite songs from Semi Final 1 by selecting the thumbs up or thumbs down emoji on the SBS Eurovision site as each song aired.

Who did Australia love most?

And the winner is Finland with 81% of voters loving the song!

In fact, Australians loved 10 of the 15 songs performed in this final with only five getting the 'Nope' vote.

And it seems there is a high correlation between tonight's results and the real results announced on Wednesday morning in Liverpool.

Australia's top 9 also made the 2023 Grand Final with only Malta and Serbia deviating from the official results. Based on the SBS viewer poll, Australia would have put Malta through to the Grand Final and Serbia would have missed out.

The official semi-final results which will include the placing of each song and votes received from each country will be revealed after the conclusion of the contest on Saturday night (Sunday morning in Australia).

Full Results of tonight's SBS vote

1. Finland - 81%

2. Norway - 80%

3. Sweden - 78%

4. Czechia - 74%

5. Moldova- 72%

6. Switzerland - 70%

7. Portugal - 66%

8. Croatia - 65%

9. Israel - 63%

10. Malta - 60%

=11. Ireland - 45%

=11. Azerbaijan - 45%

13. Netherlands - 44%

14. Serbia - 40%

15. Latvia - 33%

The Eurovision 2023 semi-final 2 replay features Voyager and Australia's Andrew Lambrou and airs on Saturday 13 May, 7.30pm (AEST) on SBS and on SBS On Demand.

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