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SBS confirms Australia will not be competing or broadcasting Junior Eurovision 2020

Junior Eurovision is set to look a lot different this year, particularly for Australian fans.

The contest will not be performed in the one venue live in front of fans, instead it was announced earlier this month that it would be remote with artists and delegations providing pre-recorded studio performances.

Australia had, in July, previously announced it would not be competing in this year's contest.

However, with the remote participation option, many fans speculated whether Australia would take part.

We reached out to SBS to get confirmation with a spokesperson saying,

"Due to restrictions and the ongoing uncertainty surrounding the pandemic, SBS informed the EBU in July that Australia would not be competing in the Junior Eurovision Contest 2020."

Additionally it was confirmed that ABC (who had previously broadcast the event on ABC ME) nor SBS would broadcast the event with the spokesperson adding,

"The ABC and SBS have also confirmed they will not broadcast the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in 2020.”

The Junior Eurovision Contest 2020 will be available for Australian viewers via the EBU's YouTube livestream however.

This will be the first time Australia will miss Junior Eurovision after debuting in 2015. Australia has reached the Top 10 on every occasion and twice finished in 3rd place.

Junior Eurovision will take place on Sunday 29 November European time, early Monday morning 30 November in Australia.


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