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Sacha Jean-Baptiste working with Australia for Eurovision 2022

In an interview with Aussievision, Paul Clarke from Australia's Eurovision Delegation revealed that Sacha Jean-Baptiste is working with the team for the performance in Turin.

Paul, who is Director of Blink TV, SBS's production partner, said that the team had signed up with Sacha to work with Australia's Eurovision 2022 artist, Sheldon Riley.

"We've signed up with creative director Sacha Jean-Baptiste, who is working with us this year, I'm really excited about that."

Sacha-Jean Baptiste is a Swedish choreographer, dancer, and show producer who has worked on over 20 Eurovision entries.

These have included iconic performances such as 'Fuego' for Cyprus, 'Beautiful Mess' for Bulgaria, 'LoveWave' for Armenia and 'Tout l'univers' with Gjon's Tears for Switzerland last year.

Additionally, she worked with Australia in 2017 and in 2018.

Paul went on to add that Sheldon and Sacha have already started working together saying,

"At the moment they're just doing choreography sessions... they're just doing even, hand movements, they're in creative love, they're absolutely loving each other".

You can hear more from Paul Clarke about his thoughts on this year's Australia Decides and a look ahead to Turin and beyond on the Aussievision podcast episode out tomorrow.

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