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Portugal Day - their most iconic entries

Today June 10 is 'Portugal' Day' which is the national day of the Iberian nation.

To celebrate the day we're going to have a look at the nation and their five most iconic entries.

Portugal made their debut in 1964 and promptly finished.... last. They made their first top 10 in 1971, have never sent a song in only English and previously held the record for the most amount of entries without a win, but we'll get to that later.

Let's look at what we think are their five most iconic entries:

5. Suzy - Quero Ser Tua (2014 - 11th in semi final)

Did it qualify for the final? No. Did it come last in the jury? Yes. Is it really that iconic? Hell yes! Suzy became a fan favourite this fun and infectious Iberian bop. She missed out on the 2014 by an agonising 1 points to other fan favourite Valentina from San Marino.

Suzy was given her moment in the Eurovision Grand Final sun during the 2018 interval act (not that she was singing).

4. Paulo de Carvalho - E Depois do Adeus (1974 - 14th last)

Well if you were watching the 2018 Grand Final you should know why this is an iconic song. The song itself finished last in the year of ABBA and Olivia Newton-John, but it was a couple of weeks later that gives its place in history.

On the evening of 25th of April it was played on Portuguese radio as a signal to start the 'Carnation Revolution' - a coup to take out the Estado Novo regime. The revolution was successful and Portugal became a democracy.

3. Lúcia Moniz - O Meu Coração Não Tem Cor (1996 - 6th place)

Translated as 'My heart has no colour,' is a cruisey but surprisingly up tempo number (especially for the 90s) that gave Portugal their best ever result at the time. Her 6th place stayed as the strongest result for the nation until 2017.

Lúcia went on to an acting career including playing the love interest of Colin Firth in the iconic film 'Love Actually'.

2. Doce - Bem Bom (1982 - 13th place)

Iconic dance moves - check. Iconic outfits - check. Iconic clap action - check.

This catchy little number was criminally underrated in 1982 but has gone on to a long life in Eurovision history. Barely a historic Eurovision montage goes by without the talented women making an appearance, including the Eurovision History segment at this year's contest.

1. Salvador Sobral - Amar pelos dois (2017 - 1st)

The song that broke Portugal's long losing streak. This heartfelt, soft and moving ballad was written by the sister of Salvador and he himself was waiting for a heart transplant. An amazing story and song that Europe fell for, giving it a record number of points.

Well that's it for Portugal - so many wonderful songs it was hard to choose five (sorry my beloved Todas as ruas do amor). Have a wonderful day Portugal!


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