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Poland: 'Tu bije serce Europy! Wybieramy hity na Eurowizję' preview and Aussievision rankings

This Saturday night (Sunday morning in Australia), Poland will hold their Eurovision national final 'Tu bije serce Europy! Wybieramy hit na Eurowizję', where they will choose who they will send to the Eurovision Song Contest in Turin, Italy.

The voting in the Polish National Final will be a 50/50 split between jury and public vote. One of the three hosts for the show will be last year's representative at Rotterdam, Rafał.

Recently, Poland has shot up in the betting odds to win Eurovision 2022, so the national final this weekend will be closely watched by many.

Ahead of the national final this weekend, 14 members of the Aussievision team have listened to all 10 songs and have ranked them. Let's have a look!

10. Lidia Kopania – ‘Why Does It Hurt?’ (32 points)

Highs: 6 points from Guy

Lows: 1 point from Hayley, Fleur, Craig, Laura, Mike, Dale and Steven

"This is so generic. I have heard this song a million times. Although, this has the bonus of sounding like a karaoke recording." ~ Fleur

9. Emilia Dębska - 'All I Need' (66 points)

Highs: 10 points from Emma and Tim, 8 points from Steven

Lows: 1 point from Hugo

"What stands out from this song is the rhythm of the drums underneath the balladry vocals. It just sounds interesting and unique to the song. Vocally, this is really promising and I think that it could make a real impact on the night." ~Tim

8. Unmute - 'Louder than Decibels' (70 points)

Highs: 8 points Craig and Mike, 7 points from Cooper, Fleur and Laura

Lows: 1 point from Kyriakos, Josh, Guy

"Even though I haven't placed this entry in my top three, I believe that Unmute competing is incredible! Deaf and hearing impaired people haven't been represented at all at Eurovision and this entry is truly breaking those barriers. It makes it even better that the production backing this has so much oomph and motion in it that makes the song captivating for audiences that don't understand sign language. Much love and support towards Unmute." ~Cooper

"This is such an innovative and likeable concept for a performance that I feel very charitable towards it. The beat is decent, the performers have energy, and the whole thing is over in 90 seconds and doesn't outstay its welcome. Great representation too. I really like this!" ~Craig

"This is so refreshing and I hope it paves the way for more Deaf and hearing impaired people to try to go to Eurovision, respect to Unmute (they just need a better song)." ~Hayley

"I think this would do wonders for the visibility of Deaf and hearing impaired people - and the staging opportunities are plentiful and powerful. But, two big, BIG errors here: the song is a bit of a stinker, and it's SO short. If you get a three-minute opportunity to showcase your talent, use every precious second to impress." ~Mark

7. Siostry Szlachta - 'Drogowskazy' (70 points)

Highs: 10 points from Fleur, 8 points from Kyriakos

Lows: 2 points from Craig, Hugo and Mike

"This has all the elements of Euro pop that I want. That said, even though I have given it 10 points, it is a very distant second. But I cannot fault it too much." ~Fleur

6. Karolina Stanisławczyk featuring Chika Toro - 'Move' (76 points)

Highs: 8 points from Cooper, Laura, 7 points from Tim

Lows: 3 points from Steven

"The bones of this song are quite good but there is just something missing. It needs something to break the song up - some kind of build up, just something, as it is quite repetitive." ~Hayley

"I'm always a sucker for reggaeton bangers - I'm pleasantly surprised this one came out of Poland of all places! It is a tad repetitive but still fun to get up and dance to." ~Laura

5. Karolina Lizer - 'Czysta woda' (76 points)

Highs: 10 points from Laura, Guy, 8 points from Dale

Lows: 2 points from Josh and Emma, 1 point from Cooper and Tim

"I love the joyful folky sounds of this song! It always puts a smile on my face. I also highly recommend looking up the translation of the lyrics if you don't understand Polish - the lyrics are very poignant and touching. I hope that meaning will come across well to the audience through the song's staging." ~Laura

"While I don’t think this would be the right song to select this year, I adore this song! I just want to be in a tavern in Zakopane drinking vodka and listening to this live." ~Guy

4. Kuba Szmajkowski - 'Lovesick' (90 points)

Highs: 10 points from Josh and Mark, 8 points from Emma and Hugo

Lows: 3 points from Kyriakos and Guy, 2 points from Fleur

"Reminds me of 'Running' from Cyprus 2020 with its electronic wall-of-sound landscape style of production. Poland has given Daria fans a just-as-appealing upbeat alternative this year. The basic chorus followed by a drop may be formulaic to some, but I think it works well." ~Josh

"Straight outta Melfest! For Poland, this is a great little pop package with a funky beat." ~Hugo

3. Ania Byrcyn - 'Dokąd?' (104 points)

Highs: 10 points from Hayley, Kyriakos and Steven

Lows: 4 points from Emma, Laura

"Well-structured, beautifully sung, features peaks and troughs and genuine build/progression, gives me Bond-esque vibes. I look forward to seeing this performed live." ~Steven

"She is a very talented singer and I really like this song. I feel bad for her it is in such a competitive year, she may have done quite well for Poland in another national final.' ~Hayley

2. Daria- 'Paranoia' (121 points)

Highs: 12 points from Josh, Laura and Mike, 10 points from Cooper, Craig, Hugo and Dale

Lows: 2 points from Guy, 1 point from Mark

"I love the energy of this song - it's fun, catchy and Daria has a real charisma. An instant dance floor hit! The song also has real potential for some good staging. I think this song will be in the top two of the night." ~Hayley

"Bop alert! This is exactly the type of song that I watch Eurovision for. It has multiple memorable hooks and a stand out electro-infused production. It’s a little 2009 Lady Gaga, but that is a high bar to be compared to! If Poland choose Daria and she can perform somewhat decently, they will sail through to the final thanks to a favourable semi final draw." ~Josh

"'Paranoia' sounds like something you'd hear on the radio - it's very fresh, modern, and catchy! It'll be interesting to see how this translates live but I'm going to enjoy the studio track nonetheless." ~Laura

"Although not the most original piece of music, it is instantly palatable and catchy. This is your typical Eurodance song and Daria’s vocals suit the song perfectly. I could see this being a very popular performance if it was to make the Eurovision stage." ~Mike

1. Krystian Ochman - 'River' (168 points)

Highs: 12 points from Cooper, Hayley, Kyriakos, Fleur, Craig, Emma, Guy, Hugo, Dale, Mark, Steven and Tim

Lows: 6 points from Laura

"This song is INCREDIBLE!! I fell in love with this song from the first listen, I think we have a Eurovision winning song here!! His vocals are so good, there is so much nice build up. That chorus LOVE IT!! Krystian is the king!!" ~Kyriakos

"This could be the best Polish entry since their debut in 1994. I say 'could' because Poland need to choose this first. This is one of the best national final songs I think I have ever heard. Krystian could honestly sing me to sleep. Never thought that I would say this but "Warsaw 2023' has the potential of being a reality. " ~Fleur

"I remember the talk of Krystian to represent Poland in 2021 and was disappointed when he wasn't chosen. But.. wow wasn't he worth the wait, because he and this song are nothing short of stunning. 'River' has beautiful production and the way he sings is so haunting - such desolation. Poland really need to send this, it will be their best result in years (possibly ever!). Come on Poland - do the right thing and send him to Eurovision, he could bring your first win!" ~Hayley

"Finally! I have been waiting for Poland to translate their very successful Junior Eurovision strategy to the adult competition, and this is the sort of polished, well-executed pop music (without sacrificing soul and heart) that I firmly believe can bring them back to the final. Come on, Poland - I want you to take me for the ride of my life!" ~ Craig

"This song is amazing from a vocal perspective. It sounds very pure and genuine and I think the performance will be amazing. The music during the chorus does seem a bit clunky at times but I think the stand out is certainly the vocals. Will get Poland back to the final if this is selected. " ~Tim

"What is not to love about 'River'? Ochman's emotive soaring vocals over a moody piano ballad that turns in to electro opera with strings. This is like three songs blended seamlessly in to one. It's beautifully produced, progresses well and I love the use of the backing vocals which sound like he has a whole choir behind him. Poland please send this to Turin!" ~Emma

"Its an haunting beautiful song. River is an entry that Poland needs to send to Turin after a horrendous run of songs. Krystian delivers this song and makes it feel authentic which is crucial for Eurovision. I really enjoy this and hope it can get paired with excellent staging to take this to another level." ~Cooper

"I am SHOOK! I was a big fan of Krystian coming into this ranking (what a voice!), but I absolutely adore 'River'. The marrying of classical (almost operatic)-infused elements with modern, dark pop and the tale of a haunted man facing whatever awaits him “down by the river” really, really work. And there are opportunities for magical moments at the two-minute mark abound. PICK THIS POLAND! I genuinely believe this would stand a good chance equaling or bettering Poland’s best result to date (2nd). In short, this could win in Turin!" ~Steven

"After years of rumours, we finally see Ochman in the selection process, and wow… what a song! This could easily become a widespread hit and deliver Poland their best result in a long time. His vocals are captivating and the arrangement of strings and backing vocals make it one very high quality package. This could definitely be a contender if it goes to Eurovision. " ~Guy

"Wow. Just wow. This is incredible. The vocal, the mix of genres, the production are all just amazing. It has an immediate X Factor that will win so many over. If he can do this live, he won't just win the Polish national selection, he may win Eurovision. " ~Dale

"Love this song! Great melody, I found myself singing it back to myself straight after listening to it. I love the mix of the percussion and the string instruments, and simply the best overall package. If they can stage this half decently, then this definitely should get the ticket to Turin!" ~Hugo

"How do you say "by a country mile" in Polish? Because that's how far out in front this song deserves to be. And there's no reason why it can't challenge for a left-hand-side result at Eurovision - it's big, it's well-sung, the staging potential is immense. It sits somewhere between Kristian Kostov's and Cesar Sampson's entries, and we know how those fared. Send this, Poland - it'd be your best entry in living memory. Or ever." ~Mark

How To Watch

'Tu bije serce Europy! Wybieramy hit na Eurowizję' will take place on the morning of Sunday 20 February (Australian time) and can be watched online via the TVP2 website here.

The show will begin at:

  • 8pm, Sat 19 February (Central European Time)

  • 3.00am Sun 20 February (WA)

  • 4.30am Sun 20 February (NT)

  • 5.00am AEST Sun 20 February (QLD)

  • 5.30am Sun 20 February (SA)

  • 6.00am AEDT Sun 20 February (ACT, NSW, TAS, VIC)

For continued updates Eurovision and all the national finals, follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, find us @aussievisionnet


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