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Poland: Songs released for 'Tu bije serce Europy! Wybieramy hity na Eurowizję' national final

One of the competing artists Krystian Ochman

Poland's national final 'Tu bije serce Europy! Wybieramy hity na Eurowizję', which translates to 'The heart of Europe beats here! We choose hits for Eurovision', is set to take place Saturday February 19.

Ten artists will compete and the winner to be chosen via both a jury vote and televote, with the votes weighed at 50/50.

So far nine of the ten song entries have been released.

Let's have a look at the songs that will compete and have their chance to represent Poland at Eurovision this year!

Ania Byrcyn - 'Dokąd?'

Ania will be a familiar face back in Poland as she finished third in the 11th season of 'The Voice of Poland' in 2020. Canadian-born Ania has been singing since she was a child and she now attends a music school in Poland to study vocals, specialising in jazz.

Ania's song 'Dokąd?' (Where to?) is self-penned and talks about how we are so busy and always rushing round that sometimes we are missing what is important in life. At 'Tu bije serce Europy!', Ania will face an old foe from the 'The Voice of Poland', Krystian Ochman who won the series.

Krystian Ochman - 'River'

Krystian Ochman was one of the artists rumoured to represent Poland at the 2021 Contest after winning Voice of Poland (his coach was Michał Szpak who represented Poland at the 2016 Contest). Therefore, it is no surprise that Krystian is one of the 10 chosen to compete in this year's national final. Krystian has also attended music school, choosing to study classical voice (like his grandfather did).

Krystian co-wrote his haunting competition song 'River' which is accompanied by a beautiful music video. There is a lot of talk about Krystian and it appears he is the hot favourite to represent Poland in Turin in May.

Unmute - 'Louder than Decibels'

This is one song that really has people talking. Unmute is a group of deaf artists using sign language backed with on-screen lyrics. Their song 'Louder than Decibels' calls for more inclusion of deaf people in society, and to prove that deaf people can love music and make music as well. If Unmute qualify to be the Polish representative - it will be a first for Eurovision. Not much is known about the group, but we can show you some of the lyrics which speak for themselves:

"Go crazy, scream, we want louder Scream, more, we want louder Can't you hear us? This needs to be changed We'll be louder than the decibels We have enough limitations"

Emilia Dębska - 'All I Need' not yet released

At the time of publishing, Emilia Dębska's 'All I Need' is the only song we are yet to hear out of the ten that will compete at 'Tu bije serce Europy!'. Emilia is another member of 'The Voice of Poland' alumni - she took part in the sixth series in 2015.

No stranger to a national final selection, in 2018, Emilia, also known as Mila, competed in the Slovenian national section for Eurovision.

Daria- 'Paranoia'

Daria Marcinkowska, or more simply known as Daria, is another 'The Voice of Poland' participant (season 10 - 2019). Dara has spent time studying music in the UK and after her 'The Voice of Poland' experience, she picked up a record deal with a German label.

Daria co-wrote her highly infectious song 'Paranoia' which has been played on high rotation throughout Poland on the radio, so will be very familiar to the voting public. This is another song expected to do well in the national final.

Siostry Szlachta - 'Drogowskazy'

Twin sisters Julia and Wiktoria Szlachta performing under the name Siostry Szlachta (Noble Sisters). Drogowskazy means "signposts" in English.

As teenagers, Julia and Wiktoria tried out in the Polish Eurovision national selection in 2020 singing ABBA's classic 'Dancing Queen' but were knocked out in an early round.

Lidia Kopania – ‘Why Does It Hurt?’

2022 will be Lidia Kopania's fifth attempt (2007, 2009, 2018 and 2019) to represent Poland at Eurovision. Lidia will perform her song about love and heartbreak 'Why Does It Hurt?'

In 2009, Lidia was successful at the Polish Eurovision national selection with 'I Don't Wanna Leave' and she went on to represent Poland at the 2009 Contest where she finished in 12th place in her semi-final.

Karolina Stanisławczyk featuring Chika Toro - 'Move'

The Latin-inspired entry of 'Move' will be sure to get you dancing! 'Move' is the song that will be performed by Karolina Stanisławczyk featuring Chika Toro. The song is sung in three languages - Polish, Spanish and English.

Karolina Stanisławczyk's music history contains many collaborations, and in 2021 she got to release her debut album, 'Cliché'. Karolina is joined by Colombian-born Chika Toro who has also spent time living in Australia!

Kuba Szmajkowski - 'Lovesick'

Kuba Szmajkowski is a relative newcomer to the music industry as a solo artist and released his first single in 2021. Kuba's previous experiences include being a finalist in ‘The Voice Kids’ (Poland) and being a member of a boyband.

Kuba's dance track 'Lovesick’ is written by Thomas Karlsson (responsible for Poland's 2021 entry 'The Ride' and other songs for Melodianfestivalen) and songwriters from previous Junior Eurovision winning entries for Poland. That is some pretty good songwriting credibility right there!

Karolina Lizer - 'Czysta woda'

For fans of folk music, Karolina Lizer's 'Czysta woda' (clear water) has it in spades! Karolina not only sings (folk and jazz) but also plays the piano and harpsichord.

Karolina writes a lot of her own music and has received awards in multiple song contests including the National Competition of Jewish Song and Song of Poles and Student Song Festival in Krakow in 2020. Karolina released her debut album in 2021.

'Tu bije serce Europy! Wybieramy hity na Eurowizję' will be held at Studio 5 of TVP in Warsaw. It will be broadcast live on TVP2 on February 19.

Poland made their Eurovision debut back in 1994 with Edyta Górniak's 'To Nie Ja!' which gave them their best result to date in 2nd place. Poland has entered the Contest 23 times and since the semi-finals were introduced, has qualified to the Grand Final on 14 occasions. Their most recent best result was in 2016 with Michael Szpak's 'Colour of Your Life' which finished in 8th place after surprisingly finishing in third place in the televotes.


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