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Piqued Jacks will represent San Marino at Eurovision 2023 in Liverpool

Piqued Jacks at UVPSM (San Marino RTV)

This morning, San Marino selected Piqued Jacks with 'Like an Animal' to represent them at Eurovision 2023 in Liverpool. They were selected via the Final of San Marino's national selection: Una Voce Per San Marino (UVPSM) after a total of 106 participants competed in four semi-finals and a second chance round.

The Results

Piqued Jacks came first, Le Deva with 'Fiori su Marte' came second and XGiove with the song 'Fuoco e Benzina' came third.

Below are the rest of the results:

4th - 'C'è Qualcosa in me che non Funziona' - Mayu

5th - 'Movie Star' - Eiffel 65

6th - 'Due Punti Sull'equatore' - Edoardo Brogi

7th - 'Mama Told Me' - Ellynora

8th - 'Sacro e Profano' - Tothem

9th - 'Something for You' - E.E.F.

10th - 'Oblivious' - Vina Rose

The places for the artists below were not revealed:

'Collide' - Alfie Arcuri

'Out of Space' - Deborah Lurato

'Non Basterà' - Deshedus

'Sul Tetto del Mondo' - Lole

'Stessa Pelle' - Kida

'Fiori su Marte' - Le Deva

'Never Give Up' - Lorenzo Licitra

'Prisma' - Mate

'L'Alieno' - Nevruz

'Like an Animal' - Piqued Jacks

'Salvaje' - Ronela

'Tromba' - Roy Paci

'Catching Memories' - Simone

'23:23' - Thomas

'Fucco e Benzina' - XGiove

Una Voce Per San Marino uses only jury voting to decide a winner.

The Voice Australia winner and Australia Decides artist Alfie Arcuri won the critics award for his performance of 'Collide'.

About the Winner

Piqued Jacks are an alt / funk - rock band from Italy. Its members include vocalist, pianist and synth player E-King, guitarist Majic-o, bassist, littleladle and drummer HolyHargot.

San Marino at Eurovision San Marino made their Eurovision debut in 2008 with the song 'Complice' by Modio. While the microstate does not have the best qualification record, they more than make up for this with their memorable representatives such as Valentina Monetta, Serhat, Senhit, Achille Lauro and Flo Rida. San Marino will compete in the second half of the second semi final this year in Liverpool. For continued updates on all the Eurovision Song Contest news follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and TikTok. All links at:


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