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OGAE Second Chance Contest - Full lineup revealed

Over the past month, the entrants for the OGAE Second Chance Contest for 2020 have slowly been announced daily, with the full list now out.

OGAE France are organisers of this year’s edition of the contest, following Seemone's win in 2019 with 'Tous les deux' .

The OGAE Second Chance Contest has been running since 1987, having been organised between various members of OGAE, by each selecting a song which partook in their countries national final, but did not make it to Eurovision, to give it a ‘second chance’ in an international competition, where all competing clubs vote to determine the favourite.

Representing Australia is Jaguar Jonze, whose entry ‘Rabbit Hole’ finished 6th in the Australian selection, ‘Eurovision - Australia Decides’, and was as such selected by the OGAE Australia fan club in a vote to represent Australia at the contest.

Among this year’s competitors is Sweden, who as the most successful country in the OGAE Second Chance competition, will be hoping to score an additional win with Anna Bergendahl

and her song, 'Kingdom Come'.

While fan favourites like ‘Cicciolina’ for Finland, 'Andromeda' for Italy and 'Me tana' for Albania will no doubt have a chance of taking out the title.

The complete list of entrants is below:

  • Australia: Jaguar Jonze - 'Rabbit Hole'

  • Ukraine: Khayat - 'Call for Love'

  • Lithuania: Moniqué - 'Make Me Human'

  • Sweden: Anna Bergendahl - 'Kingdom Come'

  • Slovenia: Lina Kuduzović - 'Man Like You'

  • Croatia: Indira Levak - 'You Will Never Break My Heart'

  • Norway: Rein Alexander - 'One More Time'

  • Rest of the World: Senhit - 'Obsessed'

  • Israel: Eden Alene - ‘Roots’

  • Estonia: Jaagup Tuisk - ‘Beautiful Lie’

  • Italy: Elodie - ‘Andromeda’

  • Denmark: Jasmin Rose ft. RoxorLoops - ‘Human’

  • Latvia: Katrīna Dimanta - ‘Heart Beats’

  • Serbia: Andrija Jo - ‘Oči Meduze’

  • Albania: Elvana Gjata - ‘Me tana’

  • Poland: Albert Černý - ‘Lucy’

  • Romania: Roxen - ‘Cherry Red’

  • Czech Republic: Elis Mraz feat. Čis T - ‘Wanna Be Like’

  • Finland: Dimma - ‘Almyrkvi’

  • Armenia: TOKIONINE - ‘Save Me’

  • Portugal: Bárbara Tinoco - ‘Passe-Partout’

  • Finland: Erika Vikman - ‘Cicciolina’

Voting is due to commence shortly for each of the competing OGAE clubs, opening on the 1st of July, and closing on the 31st of August.


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