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Norway Melodi Grand Prix Semi Final 1 - Aussievision picks

Clockwise from top left - Lisa Børud, Kim Rysstad, Raylee, Geirmund (Courtesy: NRK)

This week the Norwegian broadcaster NRK revealed the four acts who will be competing in this weekend's first semi final.

This semi final features artists representing Southern Norway and they will compete for one of them to reach the Grand Final where they will join five artists who have pre-qualified.

The songs were released on Spotify (you can access here) and the Aussievision team each chose their favourite entry.

Here are the results:

1st: Raylee - 'Wild'

Three votes - Liv, Kyriakos and Emma

Liv: "It does exactly what you expected and delivers no more, no less (which might be it's problem). Contemporary, familiar sound which makes it easy to digest but also 'done before'. It will need good staging to be memorable. It's got a random key change - I adore. I think this will prove very tricky to perform live with the physical energy needed for this number plus keeping a strong vocal. Overall a fun piece."

Kyriakos: "This was a difficult toss up between "Rainbow" and "Wild" for my Semi Final 1 favourite. Even though "Rainbow" is more powerful and emotive, "Wild" is the most memorable and fun. But the lyrics are really something though. Interestingly enough "Wild" is co-written by Andrez Wrethov who co-wrote "Fuego" yet the song sounds more like "Replay" which he had no part in. As much as it is catchy and a stand out, will people want another Fuego-esque song?"

Emma: "This was a tough one as I thought all were of a reasonable high standard but none stood out as a potential Eurovision winner to me. My favourite of the four was Wild as this is the track I woudl most want to listen to again."

=2nd: Geirmund - Come Alive

Two votes - Fleur and Aaron

Fleur: "The structure of the song is what I find appealing the most and it has the right level of production. Also being a rock music fan, this has an edge to it which I quite enjoy. Admittedly, it does sound like a cliché Eurovision song but that’s fine. Not sure if it will represent Norway, but I would like to see this in the MGP final. Kristiansand based Geirmund Hansen is an alum of The Voice Norway and is the lead vocalist for a progressive metal band called Rendezvous Point so this is a bit of a departure for him."

Aaron: "Come Alive is my favourite. It sounds like something 'Imagine Dragons' would put out and I think it could be quite powerful live."

=2nd: Lisa Børud- 'Talking About Us'

Two votes - Mike and Dale

Mike: "This is well rounded catchy scandi-pop that would sit well in Melodifestivalen."

Dale: "I was close to picking the quality of Geirmund, but I am sucker for bubble gum pop done well. This reminded me of Malou Prytz from last year's Melfest and it's something I think could work live with Lisa's experience performing."

4th: Kim Rysstad - 'Rainbow'

One vote - Steve

Steve: "My head says pick 'Talking About Us'; my heart says 'Rainbow'. I'll let my heart win, so it's Kim Rysstad for me."

So quite a mixed bag among the Aussievision team with no consensus on a favourite.

According to the 'My Eurovision Scoreboard' app which polls Eurovision fans, Raylee is in front on 5,358 points ahead of Lisa (4,794), Geirmund (4,595) and Kim (3,828).

Meanwhile Spotify streams have Lisa in front on 25,339, Raylee is next on 22,242, Geirmund on 10,479 and Kim on 7,762.

So it still appears quite an open race.

The winner of the semi final will be decided by 100% public vote with Norwegians able to vote online via the NRK website (with a login).

The first semi final takes place 19:50 CET Saturday 11 January which is 05:50 AEDT Sunday 12 January.

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