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Gåte wins Melodi Grand Prix and will represent Norway at Eurovision 2024

Photo courtesy of NRK

Gåte has narrowly won Melodi Grand Prix 2024 and with it the ticket to represent Norway in neighbouring Sweden at Eurovision in May.

The progressive-folk rock band prevailed over eight other acts with their song 'Ulveham' ('Full Version' in English), after having been the bookies' favourite in the days leading up to the final.

Gåte won over former 2019 Eurovision participants KeiiNO in the overall results by a narrow margin of six points. This marks the second time KeiiNO has finished runners-up in the Norwegian national selection after having also done so in 2021.

KeiiNO took the lead initially after winning the international jury vote with 98 points. Gåte came second with the international jury with 76 points, with Dag Erik Oksvold & Anne Fagermo in third.

However the tables turned once the public vote was added, with Gåte topping the tele-vote with 174 points. KEiiNO received 146 points from the public, whilst Super Rob & Erika Norwich was third with 120 points.

Here are the overall results:

  1. Gåte - 'Ulveham' - 250 points

  2. KEiiNO - 'Damidiggida' - 244 points

  3. Super Rob & Erika Norwich - 'My AI'- 165 points

  4. Gothminister - 'We Come Alive' - 115 points

  5. Dag Erik Oksvold & Anne Fagermo - 'Judge Tenderly of Me'- 105 points

  6. Miia - 'Green Lights' - 76 points

  7. Margaret Berger - 'Oblivion' - 45 points

  8. Ingrid Jasmin - 'Eya' - 42 points

  9. Annprincess - 'Save Me' - 33 points

Norway will compete in the second half of the second semi-final which will be held on May 9 CET.

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Eclipse Highroller
Eclipse Highroller
Feb 04

Ouch, Norway screwed up again! Keiino honestly needs to compete for another country that wants to win and will appreciate them cause their talent is wasted in Norway.

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