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  • Cooper Olsen

Norway: Farida wins Melodi Grand Prix 2022 semi-final 2

This morning saw semi-final 2 of Norway’s Eurovision national selection show ‘Melodi Grand Prix’ (MGP) take place in Fornebu, just outside Oslo.

After two duels and a Gold Duel, Farida with her song 'Dangerous' won the semi-final, thereby booking a spot in the Grand Final on 19 February.

Full results

The second of the five semi-finals featured four artists fighting for a spot in the MGP Grand Final. Performing this evening were Lily Löwe with 'Bad Baby', Steffen Jakobsen with 'With Me Tonight', Farida with 'Dangerous', and Daniel Lukas with 'Kvelertak'.

During the semi-finals the four acts are split into two duels, determined by a draw prior to the show. The winners of both duels then compete in the Gold duel, where the winner advances directly to the Grand Final. The remaining acts go through to 'The Second Chance' round beginning on Monday 7 February.

Duel 1 - Steffen Jakobsen defeated Lily Löwe

In the first duel, Lilly Lowe faced off against Steffen Jakobsen. With constant pyro, a flaming heart, strobes and giant speakers, Lily Löwe was giving serious 'rocker-chic' on stage tonight. In a performance straight out of the Wild West, Steffen and his band were adorned in cowboy hats and fringe jackets. But it was country boy Steffen who emerged victorious and he moved through to the Gold Duel.

Image Source: NRK

Duel 2 - Farida defeated Daniel Lukas

In the second duel, Farida faced off against Daniel Lukas. Farida performed first with some impressive staging. The set adorned with flaming chandeliers and aerobic violinists. Daniel Lukas was last to perform in tonights duels. The performance was slick, Daniel alongside two backing dancers performed in front of a wall lasers in the competitions first song sung in Norwegian. Both performances were very polished but it was Farida who took the win and she moved through to the Gold Duel against Steffen.

Image Source: NRK

Christian Ingebrigtsen then debuted his track 'Wonder Of The World'. He is among six pre-qualified artists who will perform in the 12-song final on February 19.

Image Source: NRK

Gold Duel - Farida defeated Steffen Jakobsen

Steffen and Farida then went head to head in the Gold Duel. And it was Farida who emerged victorious and advanced to the MGP final on 19 February. Lily Löwe, Steffen Jakobsen and Daniel Lukas will all take part in the Second Chance Round.

Semi-final 3 of Melodi Grand Prix takes place next Saturday 29th January with the Grand Final scheduled for 19th February.

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