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New music from Australian Eurovision artists: December 2023

Today we look back at all the latest music releases and music videos from Australian Eurovision, Junior Eurovision and ‘Eurovision - Australia Decides’ artists throughout November and December 2023.

Album and EP releases

Dami Im - 'Christmas Songbook' EP

Released: 17 November 2023

Not long after her Masked Singer Australia win, Dami Im released her first ever Christmas EP, 'Christmas Songbook'. The new EP includes classics such as 'White Christmas', 'Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas' and 'Santa Claus is Coming To Town'. The release also features an original new track, 'Baby's First Christmas Day', co-written between Dami Im and producer Rick Price.

The Eurovision star is a regular at Christmas Carol events for decades so it's no surprise Dami released a Christmas EP.

Vanessa Amorosi - 'Memphis Love' LP

Released: 17 November 2023

Eurovision Australia Decides 2020 artist Vanessa Amorosi has released her eighth studio album called 'Memphis Love'. The new LP contains 10 tracks where Vanessa sings not only blues but also gospel, soul, and R&B, with a touch of pop here and there. Vanessa co-produced the album with Dave Stewart, the English musician whose Eurythmics partnership with Annie Lennox has led to other highly successful roles in the music industry.

Single releases

Silia Kapsis - 'Night Out'

(Bish Malik / Silia Kapsis)

Released: 3 November 2023

Eurovision 2024 artist Silia Kapsis has released her latest single 'Night Out'. The now 17-year-old Sydney-born talent was announced as the Cyprus' Eurovision representative for Malmö back in September. 

Silia's latest release, 'Night Out', is officially her fourth single after dropping 'Who Am I?' in 2022, and 'No Boys Allowed' and 'Disco Dancer' earlier this year.

'Night Out', which was recorded in Sydney, was co-written by Silia and Bish Malik (also known as Royal). Bish previously collaborated with Silia on her 'No Boys Allowed' and 'Disco Dancer' singles.

Silia is currently working hard preparing for Eurovision 2024, with her Eurovision song being penned by Greek composer and producer Dimitris Kontopoulos who has written many Eurovision hits including Stefania's 'Last Dance' for Greece in 2021. Her Eurovision song is set to be released at a later date.

Jessica Mauboy - 'Flashback'

(James Gales / Jessica Mauboy / Nick Littlemore / Toby Anagnostis)

Released: 10 November 2023

Australia's Eurovision 2018 artist Jessica Mauboy released her second single, 'Flashback', off her upcoming album 'Yours Forever'.

Jessica announced the new single a week ago with a special message to her fans:

"SURPRISE! I am so incredibly excited to announce that my new single 'Flashback' will be yours next week, November 10 💖 This track is very special to me and is one of my favourite love songs! I wanted to capture the feeling of falling in love and all of the excitement that comes with it. The lump in your throat, the butterflies in your stomach, the giddy feeling... those images came to me and found their way into lyrics. I cannot wait for you to hear it!"

The song is co-written by Jessica together with James Gales, Nick Littlemore and Toby Anagnostis. Nick Littlemore is well known as the frontman of the electronic duo Pnau, and from the electro pop-project Empire of the Sun.

'Flashback' is the follow up single to Jessica's duet with fellow The Voice Australia coach Jason Derulo, 'Give You Love' which was released back in August this year.

Electric Fields - 'Anpuru Maau Kutjpa'

(Michael Ross / Mimili Community / Zaachariaha Fielding)

Released: 17 November 2023

Australia Decides 2019 runner-up Electric Fields have released 'Anpuru Maau Kutjpa' taken from the new limited series, 'Faraway Downs' which is a reimagined extended version of Baz Luhrmann’s 2008 film 'Australia'.

The duo contributed six songs for the TV show soundtrack. 'Faraway Downs' tells the story of the film, 'Australia' in six chapters and includes lots of unseen footage and an alternative ending. 'Faraway Downs' premiered in November on Hulu in the United States and on Disney+ around the world.

Guy Sebastian - 'Angels Brought Me Here, Again'

(John Reid / Jörgen Elofsson)

Released: 19 November 2023

Eurovision 2015 star Guy Sebastian this year celebrated 20 years since his Australian Idol win which started his huge music career in Australia. In celebration Guy released a revamped version of his Australian Idol winning ARIA No. 1 single, renamed, 'Angels Brought Me Here, Again'.

Guy also performed several shows on the Sydney Opera House Forecourt, where it all began, to celebrate his huge milestone!

Jude York - 'Cheerleaders and Jocks'

(Cameron Taylor / Jude York)

Released: 24 November 2023

Australia Decides star Jude York has had a huge year. The young talent released several new songs, garnered an allegiance of dedicated fans, toured Europe with Dean Lewis and embarked on his first solo tour across Australia. Tying off the year with a nice bow Jude York released his latest single 'Cheerleaders and Jocks'.

In an interview with DNA Magazine Jude revealed that he created 'Cheerleaders and Jocks' as an homage to queerness, lightly poking fun at heteronormativity. The super fun song unpacks the dichotomy between the popular norms of Western culture and the abjectness of the Other.

In the interview with DNA Jude said, “I wrote 'Cheerleaders and Jocks' in response to being rejected by somebody who wanted a more ‘conventional’ life,”

“I realised that I would never want to conform to those white-picket-fence ideals anyway, and that I’m better off without him! Ultimately, I just want everyone to feel like they can be their most honest, whacky, weird selves when they listen to this.”

We cannot wait to see what Jude has in store for 2024!!

Andrew Lambrou - 'Take My Breath Away'

(Andrew Lambrou / Cameron Roberson)

Released: 24 November 2023

Eurovision 2023 star Andrew Lambrou has released his follow up single 'Take My Breath Away' after competing in Liverpool for Cyprus with 'Break a Broken Heart'.

The Sydney-born artist co-wrote his new single 'Take My Breath Away' with fellow Aussie songwriter and producer Cam Robertson from the band Glades. The song is officially Andrew's sixth single release and newest song to drop since Eurovision.

For the release Andrew filmed a striking music video which he shot in Greece this year. It is directed by Ntanis Ntarlas.

Amy Sheppard - 'Backfire'

(Amy Sheppard / Lauren McLamb / Phil Barton)

Released: 24 November 2023

Amy Sheppard, from the Australia Decides 2019 band Sheppard, released her latest single a loved-up inspired country pop song, 'Backfire'.

To promote the single, Amy released her performance of 'Backfire' in Tamworth supplied by the Tamworth Regional Council. 'Backfire' follows Amy's recently released single, 'Overthinking', which is off her forthcoming debut album due for release in 2024.

Erica Padilla - 'PROBLEMATIC'

(Cam Nacson / Erica Padilla)

Released: 1 December 2023

'Eurovision - Australia Decides' 2022 TikTok Wildcard contestant Erica Padilla has released her third single release, since her Australia Decides entry, called 'PROBLEMATIC'. Erica co-wrote the song with Cam Nacson who collaborated with many Australia Decides artists. The song is about being in a "problematic" relationship.

Mitch Tambo - 'Away in a Manger'


Released: 8 December 2023

Just in time for Christmas, Eurovision Australia Decides 2020 artist, Mitch Tambo, released a Gamilaraay rendition of traditional carol ‘Away in a Manger’.

In an interview with Hope Drive, Mitch revealed that he had loved the traditional song since he was in school but it now holds special meaning for him as a father.

“As a Dad, it’s reflective of two parents trying to put a roof over their baby’s head,” Mitch said.

“So it’s a bit of a shout out to everyone out there doing it tough, but doing the best they can know that you’re not alone and that there are people who love you.”

Mitch performed ‘Away in a Manger’ on Carols by Candlelight, which was broadcast on the Nine Network on Christmas Eve.

Jessica Mauboy - 'Never Giving Up'

(James Gales / Jessica Mauboy / Nick Littlemore / Toby Anagnostis / Shungudzo Kuyimba)

Released: 22 December 2023

Just before 2023 wraps up Eurovision 2018 star Jessica Mauboy released her bop ‘Never Giving Up’. The song is an anthem for anyone feeling the pressure and tension that is going on in the world right now.

In an interview Jessica revealed that the song is a powerful statement of solidarity.

“I’ve always stood up for and supported various communities. The conversation that’s happening in the country and across the world right now is an important one. There’s so much healing and action that needs to happen, and this is my little contribution to that; I hope. I want to be a part of the change for all people, for our elders and the next generation,” she says.

'Never Giving Up' was was co-written by Jessica and produced with Nick Littlemore (from PNAU and Empire of The Sun), Toby Anagnostis (Butter Bath), James Gales and Shungudzo Kuyimba.

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