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New music and tours from Australian Eurovision artists - Guy Sebastian, Jessica Mauboy and more

September has been a super busy month with many new music releases, tour shows and tour announcements from our past Australian Eurovision and ‘Eurovision - Australia Decides’ artists!

Today we go through all the latest music releases and tour news from the following artists:

Jessica Mauboy - ‘The Barramundi Song ’

Released: 03 September 2020

In the beginning of September Jessica Mauboy took part in the celebrations for Indigenous Literacy Day by the Indigenous Literacy Foundation. She is a long time supporter and ambassador for the organisation, which inspires broader Australia to appreciate the value of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples’ first languages and the importance of language learning. ‘The Barramundi Song’ is a take on the French nursery rhyme ‘Frere Jacques’. In Jessica’s rendition she sings in the indigenous languages Tiwi and Mangarryai.

Kate Miller-Heidke - ‘A Quiet Voice’

Released: 04 September 2020

September was a super busy month for Kate Miller-Heidke, after it was revealed that she was the Queen on ‘The Masked Singer Australia’, as she prepares for the upcoming release of her new album ‘Child In Reverse’ in October. ‘A Quiet Voice’ is the third single of the new album. Through her socials Kate revealed that

“‘A Quiet Voice’ is about that yearning. It manifests itself as the nostalgia we have for half-remembered childhood moments. Simple things, like pencil on a paper. Resting easy in the world. Waiting at a bus stop - just waiting. Kissed so much we didn’t see the movie.”

Kate Miller-Heidke also revealed that she will be part of the Bluefest line up in April 2021. You can book tickets now here.

Vanessa Amorosi - ‘Isolation (The Storm Will Pass Version)’

Released: 04 September 2020

Vanessa released an alternative version of her song ‘Isolation’ off her latest album ‘The Blacklisted Collection’ fitting the current climate due to COVID 19 we are faced with right now. All proceeds from the song release will be donated to Support Act organisation, which is a charity who help artists, roadies and music workers in crisis.

You can buy the single here.

Didirri - ‘Loose Belt Drive’

Released: 11 September 2020

'Loose Belt Drive’ is the fifth song release from Didirri’s new EP release ‘Sold For Sale’. Didirri has explained that the song is “predominantly written about sticking to your morals. Not being tempted by shiny new things. To remember those that love you and to keep them close where ever you may go. It is also a metaphor for anyone feeling worn out, as anything that is belt-driven eventually wears out. It’s a part designed to be replaceable.”

Didirri wrote 'Loose Belt Drive’ at the end of his first multi-stop overseas work trip. He made comparisons to religion and the music industry, to the allure of money versus the allure of doing something meaningful.

You can check out more about Didirri’s new EP release and virtual tour here.

Guy Sebastian - ‘If He Won’t’

Released: 11 September 2020

‘If He Won’t’ was released on September 11 in celebration of Guy’s announcement that his new album ‘T.R.U.T.H’ will be released on October 16 and is currently available for pre-order. It is Guy’s fifth song released from his new album which includes ‘Before I Go’, his big hit ‘Choir’, ‘Let Me Drink’ and ‘Standing with You’.

Guy Sebastian - ‘Standing with You (The Guy Alt. Version)’

Released: 11 September 2020

Along with ‘If He Won’t’ Guy also released an alternative version of his Top 10 ARIA Singles chart hit ‘Standing with You’. ‘Standing with You (The Guy Alt. Version)’ sees Guy add additional vocals and lyrics to the original release.

Montaigne - ‘Warmest Wizard’

Released: 11 September 2020

Montaigne joined forces with clothing brand Bonds to take part in their curated album ‘Unplugged’ which features original music from an all-star gang of Aussie musicians written while on their period, and while wearing Bloody Comfy Period Undies. Montaigne’s contribution is called ‘Warmest Wizard’ and explained through her socials that it is “about a princess who gets their power from the sun and so during winter/cold days (wink wink wink their period wink wink wink) they gotta go to the wizard’s tower to get a little magic top up (for me that’s going to my partner for some hugs and to feel looked after)”.

Check out her performance above.

Sheppard x Sammy Chang - ‘Somebody Like You (Duet Version)’

Released: 11 September 2020

‘Somebody Like You (Duet Version)’ is the eighth song release for Sheppard this year and is taken off Sammy Chang’s current album ‘Sammy 1.0’, which was released in May this year. The original version by Sheppard was released back in March.

Sammy Chang, who is also known as SAMMY, is a Taiwanese pop singer who collaborated with Sheppard to release the song as a duet in English and Taiwanese. The music video is very touching with both George Sheppard and SAMMY singing side by side along the coasts from different parts of the world.

Dami Im - ‘Paper Dragon’

Released: 18 September 2020

‘Paper Dragon’ is the start of a new chapter for Dami Im after she recently signed with ABC Music. Her new single was slated for ‘Eurovision - Australia Decides 2021’. Since ‘Australia Decides’ won’t go ahead until 2022 Dami Im decided to release the song now. It is an anthem about believing in yourself and proving your doubters wrong. It was co-written by Dami Im and Elki and produced by Konstantin Kersting. 

To celebrate the release Dami is touring Queensland.

For more details on the new single and her new tour check out our main article for ‘Paper Dragon’ here.

Casey Donovan & Wheelchair Sports NSW - ‘How I Roll’

Released: 18 September 2020

'Eurovision - Australia Decides 2020' runner up Casey Donovan has collaborated with Wheelchair Sports NSW to release ‘How I Roll’ an anthem to encourage girls and women with disabilities to get involved in sport. With 100% of proceeds going to fund more wheelchair sports programs for girls & women.

You can support the single release here.

Guy Sebastian - ‘Love On Display’

Released: 25 September 2020

‘Love On Display’ is Guy Sebastian’s sixth single release from his long awaited album ‘T.R.U.T.H’. It see him return with an more uptempo track. The track features backing vocals by the Grammy award nominated soul musical from from North Carolina, The Hamiltones.

Jaguar Jonze - ‘Deadalive’

Released: 25 September 2020

Jaguar Jonze storms into a new chapter of her music career with ‘Deadalive’. Continuing with her unique ‘Rabbit Hole’ sound from her ‘Eurovision - Australia Decides 2020’ performance, Jaguar Jonze co-wrote the song with Aidan Hogg, who both co-wrote ‘Rabbit Hole’. We cannot wait for the music video, it is going to be epic!!

Midnight Oil featuring Jessica Mauboy & Tasman Keith - ‘First Nation’

Released: 25 September 2020

‘First Nation’ is taken from the forthcoming mini album ‘The Makarrata Project’ by the huge Australian rock band Midnight Oil, known for their hits with political overtones and highlighting indigenous First Nations issues including ‘Beds Are Burning’ and ‘The Dead Heart’ . ‘First Nation’ was inspired by the Uluru Statement From The Heart which was written by more than 250 delegates from all over Australia gathered at Uluru during the First Nations National Constitutional Convention in 2017. The song sees Jessica Mauboy singing together with the Midnight Oil lead singer Peter Garrett. A very moving performance!

Sheppard - ‘Brand New’

Released: 25 September 2020

‘Brand New’ is Sheppard’s ninth song release for the year as part of their 'one single per month for an entire year' project which started back in February. It is all part of their upcoming third album. Their new uptempo track is a song for the kind of love that never fades. No matter how many years you’ve been together, it always feels brand new. Check out their hilarious yet awesome music video above set in the picturesque parts of Brisbane.

Upcoming future releases and tours from Australian Eurovision artists:

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