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National Final Countdown broadcast this Saturday 12 November 2022

The sixth annual National Final Countdown will be broadcast on ESCape Radio this Saturday 12 November.

The countdown includes the Top 100 national final songs (that did not make it to Eurovision) of all time as voted by fans.

There has been a record number of votes this year with 75% of them from outside Australia.

The countdown will take place Saturday evening in Australia and Saturday day time in Europe at these times:

7:30pm - Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra (AEDT)

7:00pm - Adelaide

6:30pm - Brisbane

4:30pm - Perth, Singapore, Manila

9:30am - Berlin (CET)

8:30am - London (GMT)

3:30am - New York

The countdown will go for a number of hours so even if you aren't awake at the start (looking at New York) you will be able to join the end of the show.

To keep track of the countdown results you can follow @aussievisionnet on Twitter and Instagram where we will be bringing the results live.

You can also follow the hashtag #NFC100 to keep up to date, with any post or tweet using the hashtag also eligible to win some Eurovision prizes.

The 2021 edition saw KEiiNO win with 'Monument' while other previous winners have been Electric Fields with '2000 and Whatever', Loreen's 'Statements' and Wiktoria's 'As I Lay Me Down' who won the first edition.

Who will take out the 2022 edition? Tune in to find out!

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