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Montaigne's Eurovision meet and greet

Tonight Montaigne held a meet and greet session with press over in Rotterdam and those joining online.

Zooming in from her bedroom, Montaigne fielded questions from journalists with the first all about what her live-on-tape performance looks like.

Without being able to give too much away, Montaigne shared this that there was a "Lighting rig sort of behind me and then just a mirrored floor and we're in a big studio in one of the TV studios in Sydney."

Before adding, "I haven't seen the final cut of the video... they haven't sent it to me but I haven't asked for it either because I don't know if I want to watch it before it gets aired. Because if I see one mistake I just know I'm going to be thinking about it the whole time. I think I did pretty well, but I haven't seen the whole thing just yet".

As mentioned to us in our Q&A with Montaigne last week, she will be at the SBS Studios for the semi-finals for a live cross in the green room.

She was also asked if she would have changed her performance for Rottedam,

"Honestly I would change quite a lot, I was really happy with the costumes, the make-up, the dancers, I thought was really cool. I think something I would have hoped for, is that the production would have been a bit funnier."

"if we had more time and resources we could have achieved that. I wanted it to feel like a very feminine... superhero comic book energy."

Montaigne has been staying connected to the contest and fans online and she was asked about that saying,

"It's my way to feel like I'm participating I guess.... Twitter, Instagram, and socials and stuff, Twitch, has been my way of inserting myself into the picture a little bit I guess. Also just having fun because I think the Eurovision audience is really up for having fun!"

She has also been keeping an eye on her competitors and definitely has a few stand-outs,

"I've watched a lot, all of the first round rehearsals. I've been following the Eurovision accounts and I've watched a bunch"

"I really like everything Go_A does... my number 1 favourite is 'Russian Woman' by Manizha, I really like Dadi Freyr's stuff, '10 Years', I really like Tix's song 'Fallen Angel'".

When asked how the whole experience has been, Montaigne was reflective saying,

"I've enjoyed the whole thing and it's been such a unique process.... I'm really proud of everything we've done, we had zero time and we still have come up with things that are really cool and creative and I'm really proud of that".

She went on to say with some emotion that, "It's just been a rough two years to do Eurovision, because any expectations I had for it was always crushed by circumstance which is annoying but again very grateful to be here and really proud of 'Technicolour'."

And we here at Aussievision are very proud of what Montaigne and her team have put together for 'Technicolour' as well. Bring on the semi-final.

Montaigne then shared a TikTok after the press conference about how difficult it was for her not to attend.


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