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Montaigne reveals details on her possible Eurovision 2021 song entry

‘Eurovision - Australia Decides 2020’ winner and Australia’s 2021 Eurovision representative, Montaigne has been busy composing music on her Twitch account, and revealed her possible Eurovision 2021 entry, 'JC Ultra'.

You can watch her in action as she composes her songs and followers can live chat with Montaigne giving her feedback and keeping her company as she creates new music in the hyper pop and even punk genres. Sometimes she even plays video games and you can chat and play with her at the same time. You can follow her Twitch account here.

Montaigne recently made her third appearance on the panel on the Dragon Friends stream for a Twitch series called ‘Beef Babes baby!’ where regulars and special guests play Dungeons & Dragons and chat. Montaigne played Frederinka Badinka, an ice-obsessed sorcerer.

During the stream she revealed some very interesting details about a potential song for Eurovision 2021 that she put forward to her manager:

“I think I have my Eurovision song, my manager is like would you be open to other international writers writing you a hit song for you and I was like hmm I guess cos you want that for me but I am pretty sure I have a song and it’s called ‘JC Ultra’ and its referenced to MKUltra that f**ked brain washing program that the CIA tried to do back in the day, in the 70’s or the 80’s. It’s about a society of aliens that has a major music label as a front for a brain washing program where they try to brain wash potential music celebrities to go out and spout pro-alien propaganda and to try and help the aliens to integrate into human society better and covertly usurp human power.”

However there is no indication yet that ‘JC Ultra’ will be the selected Eurovision 2021 entry for Australia.

In other news Montaigne announced that she will be performing in her first live gig in the line up for ‘SummerSalt' on February 14, 2021 at Glenelg Beach in Adelaide, along with Missy Higgins, The Cat Empire and more. You can book your tickets here.

She is also set to headline the first showcase series of ‘Express Yourself - Queer Discovery’ in a partnership between APRA AMCOS and Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras. The series will be looking for up and coming queer talent across Australia.

The series there will be three showcases which will be shown in the lead up to Mardi Gras 2021. Performers will audition in front of quest judges and win the chance to perform at Mardi Gras 2021. Montaigne will headline the first showcase which will be held at The Beresford Upstairs on November 28. To find out more about it or book free tickets visit the website here.


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