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Malik Harris will represent Germany at Eurovision 2022

This morning, Germany held their national final 'Germany 12 points' with six acts vying for a spot in Turin.

After votes were counted it was the 24-year-old Malik Harris with 'Rockstars' who took out the competition.

The full results, which were decided by 50% online voting during the week and 50% on the night.

  1. Malik Harris - 208

  2. Mael & Jonas - 185

  3. Nico Suave & Tema Liebe - 157

  4. Felicia Lu - 139

  5. eros atomus - 123

  6. Emily Roberts - 53

Malik, 24, is a German-American singer-songwriter, comes from a musical family (having an opera singer and accomplished pianist as grandparents), plays the guitar and keyboard and spent a week on a Times Square billboard in New York City. To date, he has released six singles that blend genres as diverse as pop, rap, folk and rock.

'Germany 12 points' also saw an emotional performance from Jamala of her Eurovision 2016 winning song '1944'.

Jamala just last week fled her country as a refugee with her children, with her husband staying behind to defend the nation. She told the crowd,

"It’s a war that’s happening at the heart of Europe. I want us to stand together and end this aggression."

Also performing was Australia's own Jane Comerford who represented Germany at Eurovision in 2016 with Texas Lightning finishing 12th with 'No No Never'.

Other than a 4th place in 2018, Germany has finished 25th, 25th, 25th, 26th (last) and 27th (last) since 2015.

They will be hoping for a better result with Malik Harris act in Turin in May.


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