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Latvia: Supernova 2023 semi-final results

This morning, the semi-final of Latvia's Supernova 2023 took place with 14 entries hoping to make the final.

In total, 10 acts got through which were:

Artūrs Hatti - 'Love Vibes'

Alise Haijima - 'Tricky'

Toms Kalderauskis - 'When It All Falls'

24. Avēnija - 'You Said'

Markus Riva - 'Forever'

Avéi - 'Let Me Go'

Patrisha - 'Hush'

Raum - 'Fake Love'

Luīze - 'You to Hold Me'

Sudden Lights - 'Aijā'

Sadly, these four missed out.

Inspo - 'Sway'

Katrine Miller - 'Beaten Down'

Justs - 'Stranger'

Adriana Miglāne - 'Like I Wanna'

You can find all performance at:

The final will take place Saturday 11 February (European time) / Sunday 12 February (Australian Time).

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