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Latvia: Supernova 2022 running order and hosts announced

Image credit: LTV

Overnight, Latvian broadcaster LTV revealed the running order for this year's Latvian national selection for Eurovision, Supernova 2022.

17 entries will compete in the semi-final on February 5 (February 6 Australian time). The top 10 of these entries with the combined score of the televote and jury vote will qualify to the Grand Final on February 12 (February 13 Australian time) where the winner will be determined.

The jury and LTV also have the potential to nominate an eleventh participant for the final, but this is at their own discretion - they will also be able to choose not to award a wildcard.

Here is the running order for the semi-final of Supernova 2022:

  1. Citi Zēni - 'Eat Your Salad'

  2. Miks Dukurs - 'First Love'

  3. Linda Rušeniece - 'Pay My Own Bills'

  4. Elīna Gluzunova - 'Es pabiju tur'

  5. Raum - 'Plans'

  6. Patriks Peterson - 'Can't Get You Outta My Head'

  7. Mēs Jūs Mīlam - 'Rich Itch'

  8. Katō - 'Promises'

  9. Miks Galvanovskis - 'I'm Just A Sinner'

  10. Markus Riva - 'If You're Gonna Love Me'

  11. The Coco'nuts - 'In And Out Of The Dark'

  12. Aminata - 'I'm Letting You Go'

  13. Bermudu Divstūris - 'Bad'

  14. Beatrise Heislere - 'On The Way Home'

  15. Zelma - 'How'

  16. Bujāns - 'He, She, You & Me'

  17. Inspo - 'A Happy Place'

The hosts of Supernova 2022 were also recently announced. Ketija Šēnberga and Lauris Reiniks will be hosting both the semi-final and Grand Final shows of Supernova this year.

Ketija brings a wealth of experience to the role, having previously hosted five Supernova competitions - in 2015, 2016, 2017, 2019 and 2020.

Lauris is a five-time 'Eirodziesma' participant that Eurovision fans will remember from his band F.L.Y. and their 2003 host entry at Eurovision 'Hello From Mars'.

He was also Latvia's spokesperson at Eurovision in 2000 and 2004. 2022 marks his first year hosting Supernova.

The allocation draw has taken place for the Eurovision Song Contest in Turin, Italy. Latvia will be performing in the first half of the first semi-final on May 10 (May 11 Australian time).


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