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Kate Miller-Heidke releases new single ‘Deluded’

Australia’s 2019 Eurovision Song Contest representative Kate Miller-Heidke is back with the new song ‘Deluded’, the second single from her upcoming fifth studio album 'Child In Reverse'. Her upcoming 11 track album is now available for pre-order through the iTunes Store and is set to be released October 30. You can also purchase the CD and a limited edition Vinyl of the new album, signed by Kate Miller-Heidke, signed stock is limited. A limited edition vinyl of 'Zero Gravity' is now also available.

In 2019, Kate earned Australia its fourth top 10 Grand Final placing in the Eurovision Song Contest when her Marcel Bezençon Artistic Award-winning performance of ‘Zero Gravity’ finished in 9th place. The Marcel Bezençon Awards are awarded to the best competing songs in the Eurovision final.

‘Deluded’ is a more whimsical and up-tempo follow-up single to ‘This Is Not Forever’, released in May this year. ‘This Is Not Forever’ is a touching, emotional ballad about the experience of being close to someone with depression.

Kate Miller-Heidke will appear on the Kev Carmody tribute album ‘Cannot Buy My Soul’ along with ‘Eurovision - Australia Decides 2019’ runner-up Electric Fields. The album will be released on August 21.

‘Deluded’ was written by Kate Miller-Heidke, Hailey Collier and Evan Klar on the day the trio met. Evan is an Australian musician who has performed with Charli XCX. Hailey Collier is a vocalist and songwriter based in California who has written songs for David Guetta, J Balvin, Betty Who, Icona Pop and Ingrid Michaelson, just to name a few.

‘Deluded’ is about two people falling in love and was premiered on Double J Mornings yesterday, where she told presenter Zan Rowe about the process of writing ‘Deluded’:

“On one of the days I got to work with Evan Klar and Hailey Collier on a song and loved it so much that I ended up making the whole record with those two […] they actually kind of fell in love during our writing session!

She was in America and he was over here [in Australia] and […] they ended up travelling the world together ever since and I like to think that I kind of exploited their burgeoning chemical reaction that was going on in their bodies and just tried to milk it for all it was worth!”

Kate also told Zan Rowe that she wanted to work on what she called an “ear bath”, or a song that was “vibe first”, and fell in love with Evan’s minimalist production and Hailey’s lower, scratchier vocals.

Kate will feature this Saturday evening in a live streaming music variety show ‘Delivered Live’, leading a diverse lineup of Australian artists including pop duo The Merindas and a hip-hop collaboration between MANTRA and N’fa Jones. Australia Decides host and Eurovision commentator Myf Warhurst will appear as a special guest.

Although ‘Delivered Live’ is free to watch, viewers who can afford to do so are encouraged to purchase a ticket through Oztix. All profits from these tickets go back into the pockets of the artists and crew of the show, plus a live music venue and crew member selected by each act.

Check out 'Deluded' below:

‘Deluded’ is available now on iTunes and Google Play and streaming on Spotify and Apple Music.


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