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Junior Eurovision 2020 - France

For the second year in a row France is the winner of our Aussievision Team rankings of Junior Eurovision 2020 songs.

Valentina’s ‘J’imagine' received 1st place from three out of the 13 jurors.

Can she go on to win the actual Contest?

Get all the detail on the French entry plus all our individual rankings and comments.

The entry

Valentina - ‘J’imagine’

This year France will be represented by 11 year old Valentina, who was internally selected by the French broadcaster.

She may only be 11, but Valentina has already achieved quite a lot in her short career. She is a member of the kids group Kids United Nouvelle Generations (New Generations). She joined the group in 2018 and is one of five members of the group, and they are all around her age. Alongside this, she is also had the opportunity to be an ambassador of UNICEF and the Good Planet Foundation.

The Aussievision Team Rankings

  • Ally - 1st

  • Kyriakos - 1st

  • Ford - 1st

  • Hugo - 2nd

  • Emma - 2nd

  • Liv - 2nd

  • Dale - 3rd

  • Cooper - 3rd

  • Wade - 3rd

  • Laura - 4th

  • Ruby - 4th

  • Mike - 5th

  • Fleur - 6th

The comments

Once again France has brought a great song that has a signature French feel to it. Valentina brings the fun and joy to ‘J’imagine' that will no doubt come alive on stage. ~ Cooper

This is cute but it is not overly memorable. Valentina is probably the most charismatic of the entrants this year. If she can pull that off in her performance she will do quite well. ~ Fleur

'J'imagine' is fun and cute, and it reminds me of a hybrid of France’s last two Junior Eurovision entries. The backup dancers elevate the visuals and I’m sure they will elevate the final staging if they are kept. I fear it may not stand out as much compared to the other uptempo songs, but fortunately, this is a ballad-heavy year. ~ Laura

France gets it. Constantly delivering kid-friendly, upbeat and catchy jams with a distinct flavour. Valentina is a star, and I would be very surprised if this landed outside the Top Five. ~ Wade

Funky! A definite toe-tapper with a recognisable sound; ebbs and flows at a great pace. On point with the mix of professionalism and child-like influence. ~ Hugo

Oh my gosh thank you France! This song is so just delightful and ticks all the boxes for me. It’s up-tempo, which is the kind of song I prefer and is severely lacking in this year’s competition. It’s also kid-friendly, which is also severely lacking in JESC this year. It is also so catchy, which is a nice bonus. ~ Ally

Valentina is adorable and the lyrics are perfect for the times we are living in. A catchy track that should have mass appeal. ~ Emma

Unmistakably French in its production and delivery this should appeal to a lot of people. There's a great pre-chorus that builds into what is, unfortunately, a chorus that is just a little too simple. Vocally, Valentina should deliver a 'cutesy' vocal that, again, will appeal to many. Ultimately this is a little down in quality than they have produced the last couple of years. ~ Mike

France do Junior so well. Weirdly it seems to represent their music industry more than their main Contest competitors. Although this isn’t as strong in the studio as their last two entires, it still has a catchy hook and will probably be easier to perform live as it’s just a little less wordy. ~ Dale

This song is such a bop! For the third year in a row, France is putting their best foot forward with the intent of winning this competition, and I, for one, hope they do soon. ~ Ford

I think this is easily one of the strongest recordings – but I have *huge* concerns about the live performance. Valentina has a task ahead of her, the lyrics are fast paced, wordy, technically difficult to pitch and I presume will have some upbeat choreography to tackle as well. ~ Liv

France in Junior Eurovision

2020 will be France’s fourth participation in Junior Eurovision. They made their debut in the 2004 contest, where Thomas sang ‘Si On Voulait Bien’ and finished in 6th place. 14 years later, Angelina and her delightful song about friendship ‘Jamais Sans Toi’, finished as the runner-up. In 2019 Carla finished fifth with her song ‘Bim Bam Toi’.

‘The entry’ and ‘France at Junior Eurovision’ written by Ally

Aussievision Team's Junior Eurovision 2020 rankings

1st place - France - Valentina - ‘J’imagine’

Aussievision Podcast - Junior Eurovision 2020 Preview

Our preview episode of Junior Eurovision 2020 is out now. We go through the contest, the Top 5 songs from the Aussievision team and predict a winner.

Listen via: Apple here and Spotify here. Or wherever you get them!

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