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Junior Eurovision 2019 - Poland

Finishing as the runner-up in our Aussievision Team rankings of the Junior Eurovision songs this year is.... Poland!

The entry from the host nation was the only one to have all our jurors put it in the top 10.

Could Poland go back to back?

Read below to get song details plus our individual rankings and comments below.

The entry

Kraków based Viki Gabor is the host country’s entrant this year. Viki is 12 years old and was born in Germany of Romani heritage. She comes from a musical family and has previously resided in the United Kingdom, thus she is fluent in English. Viki is a YouTube sensation as her song Time has over 2,500,000 views. She also has close to 51,000 followers on Instagram- the lasses from Tulia are big fans of hers as well.

Viki was a finalist in the Polish edition of The Voice: Kids. She won the right to represent her country in Szansa na Sukces (Chance for Success), the Polish National Selection competition on September 29. Szansa na Sukces uses a televote and jury voting system. Viki was one of three competitors in the final having come through a three semi final process. About 1,000 children had auditioned for the opportunity.

Her song is called “Superhero” and will be sung in Polish and English. Like many songs in JESC this year, “Superhero” is about saving the planet. Hope, love and unity are featured throughout the song.

Aussievision Team Rankings

  • Guy - 1st

  • Liv - 1st

  • Dale - 2nd

  • Mike - 3rd

  • Aaron - 5th

  • Emma - 6th

  • Alyce - 7th

  • Kyriakos - 7th

  • Fleur - 8th

The comments

Superhero has a unique, eclectic mix of sounds when comparing the verses, chorus and her vocal tone. I enjoy the slight ethnic touch and all together it makes for a mature, sophisticated, high quality JESC entry. Many JESC entries are simply too repetitive and once you’ve heard the first minute you’ve heard it all – Superhero is anything but this. It is quite a challenging song live and she had some intonation difficulties with her first live performance - however if she can pull it off this will be a standout entry. Bravo to the host nation on producing another stellar entry. ~ Liv

From the first listen you know this is a contender to win the competition. It's super catchy and has the right appeal fro both juries and the younger listening audience. If the hosts pull off back to back wins it would be well deserved with this song. ~ Mike

One of a few really well produced pop songs in this edition. Good message too.

On the negative side, might be a little flat. ~ Aaron

A catchy bop in Polish and English about superheroes saving the planet. Really enjoy this one! ~ Emma

Good sounding contemporary song. Dual language works well. Synths are nice - a little bit of an ethno sound without going the full Fuego. ~ Guy

Could Poland make history and go back to back? It’s certainly not out of the equation. This is another great entry from Poland, an up-tempo song about the environment you just can’t help but dance along to, even if you don’t speak Polish. ~ Alyce

The most obvious thing here is that Viki is a seasoned performer. She really is the whole package. This is very modern sounding, a right solid effort. Excellent actually, although it is overproduced. I get a strong feeling that Poland wants to go back-to-back for wins. I prefer last year’s song but this is a top quality contender too. Why can’t they send similar songs to ESC??? ~ Fleur

Poland at Junior Eurovision

This year will be the seventh time that Poland has competed in JESC. They have had a chequered history in the competition since debuting in 2003. After finishing last in their first two years, Poland took a hiatus and returned to the contest in 2016- finishing in 11th place.

The last couple of years have been kinder to Poland, as their previous two entries have finished in the top 10. Roksana Węgiel won the competition last year with the song “Anyone I Want to Be”.


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