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Junior Eurovision 2019 - North Macedonia

We are now into the Top 5 Junior Eurovision songs as voted by the Aussievision team.

In fifth place in North Macedonia with Mila Moskov's song 'Fire'.

Get full details on the entry plus our individual rankings and comments below.

The entry

Mila Moskov - Fire

Mila Moskov, a 14-year-old from Prilep, North Macedonia, will represent her country this year at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest. She was internally chosen by the broadcaster MKRTV, with her song being worked on by Denis Dimoski, the 2005 Junior Eurovision North Macedonian entrant. Denis, post his 8th place performance of “Rodendenski Baknez (Birthday Kiss)”, has gone on to partake in a multitude of talent shows in the Balkan Region, and his past expertise will no doubt be a great help to the North Macedonian delegation.

Mila began singing at her local music school at 6 years of age, and has since performed at various festivals, including Mel Fest Prilep, and is a current member of the Little Angels Choir, which helps children with special needs.

Aussievision Team Rankings

  • Liv - 3rd

  • Emma - 3rd

  • Alyce - 4th

  • Guy - 5th

  • Mike - 6th

  • Dale - 8th

  • Aaron - 11th

  • Fleur - 12th

  • Kyriakos - 16th

The comments

Because of the strong saturation of climate change songs this year – this stood out to me because it was a different message. It’s powerful and empowering. The chanting in the background and the instrumental accompaniment are really well constructed, it keeps the song moving without stagnating and being repetitive like may JESC entries. Big opportunities for staging. ~ Liv

Don’t get me wrong, this is a good song. Mila sings it very well but it sounds too adult for this competition. It really sounds out of place here; it would be better suited to ESC. Like Eliana from Malta, Mila is one of the older contestants but I feel that this song is not as accessible to kids. I don’t see it finishing in the top 10. ~ Fleur

A strong entry that wouldn’t be out of place at senior Eurovision. Mila’s vocal talent shines through. Another song that my kids enjoyed singing along to. ~ Emma

Catchy but mature sounding Sia-like song. The message of the song doesn’t come through though. ~ Kyriakos

Mila’s vocal is goooood. North Macedonia are getting good at post-chorus instrumentals.

On the negative – It’s a bit generic, lyrically. ~ Aaron

Wow, just wow. North Macedonia are definitely here to win, and this year they have produced a masterpiece. There is just so much raw power in this song, and I’m praying that they don’t stuff up the staging with this one, because if they get it right it could take this song to another level. They got the staging so right at Junior Eurovision last year that I was sure it was going to win, so I have faith that they will get it right again. ~ Alyce

It's a powerful vocal and has some Sia-esque qualities to the song. I'm impressed but also wanting a little more out of the song to grab on to. Still very much looking forward to seeing this performed live. ~ Dale

North Macedonia at Junior Eurovision

Since the contest’s inception, North Macedonia has competed a total of 13 times under the provisional reference of ‘Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia’, with two absentees in 2012 and 2014. Despite their prolonged involvement, North Macedonia have never won the contest, with their best results occurring in 2007 and 2008, when they placed fifth, with the duo Rocisa Kulakova and Dimitar Stojmenovski, and Bobi Andonov respectively. Last year, North Macedonia raked in 12th place, with the 13-year old Marija Spasovska and her powerhouse emotive ballad, “Doma”.


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