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Julien Doré wins the OGAE Video Contest 2021 for France

France has won the OGAE Video Contest 2021 with Julien Doré taking out the title with his entry 'Nous'.

Julien is a former winner of the French 'Pop Idol' show 'Nouvelle Star' back in 2007. The same year he was voted No. 1 in the French Elle Magazine's '15 Sexiest Men' poll. He has released six studio albums all making the top 4 on the French Albums Chart.

In the music video for 'Nous' Julien portrays an astronaut who has crash landed on a beach accompanied by two dinosaurs.

It is France's fourth ever win in the OGAE Video Contest. France won the inaugural contest back in 2003 with Pascal Obispo's 'Fan'. They last won in 2014 with Indila's 'Tourner dans le vide'.

The contest is one of three held by the OGAE International Network, alongside the OGAE Second Chance Contest (in which entries from national finals that didn’t win compete against each other), and the OGAE Song Contest. The OGAE Song Contest is the oldest running since 1986.

This year the OGAE Video Contest was hosted by OGAE Sweden in Stockholm after Agnes’ ‘Fingers Crossed’ won last years vote.

The full results of the contest are as follows:

1. France: Julien Doré - ‘Nous’ - 165 points

2. Russia: Little Big & Netta - ‘Moustache’ - 140 points

3. Italy: Fedez, Achille Lauro and Orietta Berti - ‘Mille’ - 125 points

4. Greece: Eleni Foureira - ‘Aeraki (To thiliko)’ - 104 points

5. Australia: Kylie Minogue - ‘Say Something’ - 103 points

6. Germany: Wincent Weiss - ‘Wer wenn nicht wir’ - 99 points

7. Belgium: Dua Lipa feat. Angèle - ‘Fever’ - 93 points

8. Rest of the World: John Duff - ‘High heels’ - 93 points

9. North Macedonia: Lozano - ‘Vardare’ - 87 points

10. Portugal: NEEV - ‘Something trivial’ - 82 points

11. Ukraine: Onuka - ‘GUMA’ - 79 points

12. United Kingdom: Jessie Ware - ‘What’s your pleasure?’ - 36 points

13. Estonia: NOËP - ‘Head out of the water’ - 28 points

14. Croatia: Albina - ‘La La Love’ - 28 points

15. Sweden: Anis Don Demina - ‘Flaggan i topp’ - 27 points

16. Serbia: Milica Pavlović - ‘Dabogda propao’ - 22 points

17. Armenia: Iveta Mukuchyan - ‘Tur patjar’ - 21 points

18. Hungary: Pál Péter - ‘Hogyha lejönnél’ - 18 points

19. Czech Republic: Daniell - ‘AIM’ - 15 points

20. Cyprus: Hovig - ‘An diliazo, min thimonis’ - 11 points

21. Malta: Brooke - ‘Over’ - 7 points

22. Turkey: BEGE & Emir Taha - ‘B.S.G.’ - 7 points

23. Latvia: Ivo Fomins - ‘Tu man esi’ - 2 points

24. Poland: Teresa Werner - ‘Słodkości’ - 0 points

France received four sets of 12 points out of the 24 countries competing, they came from Australia, Germany, Portugal and Ukraine.

Australia's entry was Kylie Minogue's 'Say Something' which finished in 5th place. Australia received three sets of 12 points from Belgium, Croatia and the United Kingdom.

The full points from OGAE Australia are as follows:

12 points – France: Julien Doré - ‘Nous’

10 points – Russia: Little Big & Netta - ‘Moustache’

8 points – Ukraine: Onuka - ‘GUMA’

7 points – Greece: Eleni Foureira - ‘Aeraki (To thiliko)’

6 points – Rest of the World: John Duff - ‘High heels’

5 points – Germany: Wincent Weiss - ‘Wer wenn nicht wir’

4 points – Estonia: NOËP - ‘Head out of the water’

3 points – Armenia: Iveta Mukuchyan - ‘Tur patjar’

2 points – Serbia: Milica Pavlović - ‘Dabogda propao’

1 point – Croatia: Albina - ‘La La Love’

The OGAE Video Contest has been running since 2003 and is run by the international branch of Eurovision fan clubs known as Organisation Générale des Amateurs de l'Eurovision, English translation General Organisation of Eurovision Fans, or OGAE for short.

OGAE International Network previously announced that the Presidents of OGAE clubs around the world approved to merge the OGAE Song Contest and the OGAE Video Contest from 2022 into the OGAE Song Contest.

The OGAE International Network will decide which of the two winning clubs will host OGAE Song Contest 2022.

So we will have to wait and see if OGAE Australia or OGAE France will host next years Contest.

You can watch the full show below:


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