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Johnny Manuel releases debut EP 'Younger Skin'

Eurovision 2018 artist, Johnny Manuel, who represented Bulgaria as part of the group Equinox, has released his debut EP 'Younger Skin'.

Johnny is a queer singer-songwriter who now calls Australia home. In 2020 Johnny competed on The Voice Australia where he was close to taking The Voice Australia title, narrowly beaten by Team Kelly Rowland’s Chris Sebastian.

Now stepping out on his own, Johnny embraces a fresh sound.

Back in August he released the first single taken off his debut EP, 'Again'.

Produced by Aidan Laprete, from Amazon’s 'The Wilds', 'Younger Skin' is Johnny’s first-ever solo project.

About the creative process Johnny said in a press release:

“There was a level of comfort I hadn’t experienced in the creation of my music before, and it allowed me to open up. The icing on the cake was having it mixed by Elijah Marrett-Hitch, and his magic ears, and mastered by Dale Becker. Their combined level of skill and attention to detail elevated the EP and gave it the polished finish it needed.”

In conjunction with the EP release Johnny has revealed a music video for his new song 'The Others'.

The music video premiered on the Queerty website.

Speaking to Queerty Johnny shared the creative process he went through for 'The Others':

“As an artist, I think it’s always important to keep evolving on all levels... When my creative team came to me with the concept for the video for ‘The Others,’ I felt it was a perfect time to let go and trust the process and I am so glad I did.”

“Initially, I thought I was strictly speaking to people who are currently being mistreated and discriminated against. The ones being told their ‘otherness’ makes them less valuable. Those of us being told our dreams aren’t realistic because we’re black and queer.”

“As the writing continued, I realised it’s also an homage to my ancestors. The people that came before me, sacrificed and paved the way. 'The Others' is my way of honouring them and letting them know I’m getting the signs and I’m grateful for their guidance.”

Johnny Manuel - 'Younger Skin' EP

Track list

  1. 'Crash'

  2. 'Out of Time'

  3. 'The Others'

  4. 'Again'

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