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Jeangu Macrooy will perform 'Grow' at Eurovision 2020 for The Netherlands

Overnight Eurovision hosts The Netherlands revealed the song their artist Jeangu Macrooy will be performing in Rotterdamis 'Grow'.

'Grow' was written by Jeangu himself, and is about getting older and trying to understand himself, saying ""the more I learn, the less I know."

In true Eurovision style, the song had already leaked on Apple Music before the announcement.

26-year-old Macrooy was born in Suriname, which is a South American country that was a colony of the Dutch until 1975.

Aged 21 he moved to The Netherlands and was quickly signed up to a record company and his music career evolved from there.

He will be hoping to do better than the last three host entries which all finished outside the top 20.


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