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James Newman is back for the UK at Eurovision 2021

Today the BBC confirmed that 2020 entrant for the UK James Newman, would be representing them again this year.

James Newman spoke to BBC Radio 1 Newsbeat about coming back saying Eurovision fans brought him back,

"Those fans brought me into the Eurovision world. Everyone is so welcoming. I knew the basics of Eurovision but didn't realise how many people lived and breathed it" James said.

He also said the song would be "positive and upbeat" with the BBC confirming it would be released in the coming weeks.

Last year James had the song 'My Last Breath' which received a warm response from critics and fans.

It also received over 2 million views on YouTube and over 3 million streams on Spotify.

James is also an accomplished songwriter and has written for Ed Sheeran and Jess Glynne, and is the older brother of John Newman.

After the Contest was cancelled James took part in a BBC Documentary about the cancellation including interviews with fellow artists.

You can watch the documentary here:


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