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Jaguar Jonze releases cover of 'Toxic' by Britney Spears

Jaguar Jonze has released a cover version of the Britney Spears track ‘Toxic’ as an ode to the women who came forward as part of her #metoo movement over the last few weeks.

The movement began when she shared a series of post-it notes on social media, sharing her own experiences of sexual assault within the music industry. It soon lead to a large number of woman coming forward and sharing their own experiences with the same perpetrator.

In a statement Jonze explained why she decided to release ‘Toxic’ following the movement.

“I often take to song writing as an outlet for all my emotions, but after an overwhelming few weeks being on the frontline of the recent #metoo movement in the Australian music industry, sometimes it’s all too much to sit down and pen your own song. Sometimes, singing a cover in your own way is the best catharsis.”

Jonze said that ‘Toxic’ is her favourite pop song, but as a child she had missed the message and tone of what it really was.

“Revisiting it as an adult, I wanted my cover to draw out how my understanding of the song has changed. This is my ode to all the people who stood up alongside me these last few weeks against toxic masculinity, toxic relationships and toxic environments in the music industry. We hear you, we see you and time is up.”

'Toxic' is available now on iTunes and Google Play and streaming on Spotify and Apple Music.

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