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Jaguar Jonze releases ‘ANTIHERO’ short film

‘Eurovision - Australia Decides 2020’ artist, Deena Lynch aka Jaguar Jonze, has released her full ‘ANTIHERO’ short film showcasing songs featured in her sophomore EP ‘ANTIHERO’ released back in April this year.

Back in 2020 Jaguar Jonze gave Eurovision fans one of the most memorable stagings and performances at ‘Eurovision - Australia Decides' with her energetic entry ‘Rabbit Hole’ which finished in 6th place.

Since then she released her inaugural EP ‘Diamonds & Liquid Gold’ and then this year her sophomore EP 'ANTIHERO'.

The ‘ANTIHERO’ short film sees Jaguar Jonze's full concept for the EP comes to fruition where all five music videos from the EP tie in together.

The songs featured in the film, in order of appearance, include:



  • 'MURDER'



The first four music videos featured in the short film were jointly directed by Ribal Hosn and Deena Lynch. 'ASTRONAUT' was directed by Natalie Sim.

The whole concept was conceived during her time in hospital in March 2020, when Jaguar Jonze contracted COVID-19, spending forty days in hospital care, having a fever for five weeks, and being bedridden for seven.

Despite all of this, she continued recording vocals for her EP while in hospital care. She even conceptualised this film including the set designs and costumes. The short film was completed in March this year with the intention it will be released not long after her ‘ANTIHERO’ EP.

Jaguar Jonze has became a strong voice being front and centre for the #metoo movement where she fought for safety and advocacy within the music industry. Hence the ‘ANTIHERO’ short film and promotion for the EP was put on hold.

This year also saw 37 of Jaguar Jonze's shows cancelled due to the continuing COVID-19 pandemic and border closures across the states throughout Australia.

In August this year she managed to headline the Cairns Festival on the Esplanade for her first time, showcasing songs from the new 'ANTIHERO' EP.

The ‘ANTIHERO’ short film project deserves to see the light of day, the piece is a fusion of cyberpunk, anime, within a futuristic “sci-fi-like” world. A lot of work and time has gone into this piece, Jaguar Jonze had to undergo stunt training with professionals in order to learn how to move around in a wire harness in order to bring her vision to life in the 'ASTRONAUT' music video.

She worked on the songs from the ANTIHERO’ EP alongside Dave Hammer, who co-wrote and produced Montaigne’s Eurovision 2021 entry Australia, ‘Technicolour’.

Jaguar Jonze's ‘ANTIHERO’ EP is available through online streaming services and digital music stores. There are also limited physical copies of her EP on CD with also a limited run of 300 vinyls which are signed and numbered. You can find them here.


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