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Italy: Aussievision's Sanremo 2024 Rankings

The 74th edition of the illustrious Sanremo Music Festival has been running the over the last four days. Tonight the winner will be crowned and we'll be one step closer to finding out who will represent Italy at Eurovision 2024.

This year there are 30 songs in the running for Sanremo, the most we've seen in recent years - live performances are found here and the official Spotify playlist here.

10 Aussievision team members have ranked the Italian songs from first to tenth place with points awarded in the usual Eurovision system (ie. 1st = 12 points, 2nd = 8 points, etc.). Rankings are made on personal taste, not a prediction on how the songs will place on the night.


Nul Points

Geolier – 'I p’me, Tu p’ te'

Diodato – 'Ti Muovi'

Il Volo – 'Capolavoro'

Negramaro – 'Ricominciamo Tutto'

Maninni – 'Spettacolare'

BNKR44 – 'Governo Punk'

Note: Artists with equal points were broken via a count back (ie. most 12 points, then 10 points, 8 points... etc.)

24. Il Tre – 'Fragili' (1 point)

23. Sangiovanni – 'Finiscimi' (2 points)

21. Francesco Renga & Nek – 'Pazzo Di Te' (3 points)

21. Mr Rain – 'Due Altalene' (3 points)

20. Gazzelle – 'Tutto Qui' (5 points)

19. Santi Francesi – 'L’amore In Bocca' (7 points)

18. Ghali – 'Casa Mia' (8 points)

17. Alessandra Amoroso – 'Fino a Qui' (11 points)

16. Fred De Palma – 'Il Cielo Non Ci Vuole' (11 points)

15. La Sad – 'Autodistruttivo' (12 points)

14. Alfa – 'Vai!' (13 points)

13. Rose Villain – 'Click Boom!' (14 points)

12. Fiorella Mannoia – 'Mariposa' (15 points)

11. Irama – 'Tu No' (15 points)

10. Loredana Bertè – 'Pazza' (18 points)

Highs: 7 points Mark. 6 points Mike. 5 points Liv.

Lows: 0 points Kyriakos, Craig, Justin, Laura, Fleur, Cooper & Dale.

9. BigMama – 'La Rabbia Non Ti Basta' (21 points)

Highs: 7 points Justin. 6 points Craig. 5 points Cooper.

Lows: 0 points Kyriakos, Fleur, Mark, Dale, Mike & Liv. 3 points Laura.

8. Ricchi e Poveri – 'Ma Non Tutta La Vita' (25 points)

Highs: 8 points Dale. 7 points Mike. 5 points Craig.

Lows: 0 points Kyriakos, Justin, Fleur, Cooper & Liv. 1 point Laura.

"You could laugh this off as two "legacy" artists who are back for a bit of fun but it's more than that! Not only does Angela overtake that stage serving face and bringing an infectious energy.... the song is also fantastic! Ok, it's not modern, but that chorus is just brilliant with a touch of the Rafaella Cara about it. I adore this, grazie mille Sanremo, grazie mille Ricchi e Poveri!" ~Dale

7. Dargen d’Amico – 'Onda Alta' (28 points)

Highs: 10 points Liv. 8 points Laura. 7 points Dale.

Lows: 0 points Kyriakos, Justin, Fleur, Cooper, Mark & Mike. 3 points Craig.

"I'll admit I was intrigued but not sold at first on 'Onda Alta' but it built an avalanche of momentum for me this festival. The best is really unique and driving - when listening to this I feel like I can run 100km and do 50 back-flips. His performance is captivating and he REALLY knows how to work a room. Once I understood the message it took it to a new dimension for me. I feel honestly like this is a 4D entry that is being VERY overlooked this year. I've been donning a pair of sunglasses and throwing my own dance party (read: it probably looks like a seizure) in my house all week to this" ~Liv

6. Emma – 'Apnea' (31 points)

Highs: 12 points Mark. 6 points Kyriakos. 5 points Dale.

Lows: 0 points Liv, Fleur & Craig. 1 point Justin & Mike.

"Fresh, warm and cool, Emma has captured the spirit I’m looking for from modern pop. The song sounds like the experience of love it is describing. The quiet creeper of a chorus has real viral potential, and would sound magnificent with an arena on backing vocals." ~Mark

5. The Kolors – 'Un Ragazzo Una Ragazza' (47 points)

Highs: 8 points Kyriakos, Cooper & Mark. 7 points Craig & Fleur.

Lows: 0 points Dale & Mike. 2 points Liv & Justin.

"Banging chorus. Slapping disco-funk sound. A real party-starter." ~Mark

4. Clara – 'Diamanti Grezzi' (48 points)

Highs: 12 points Kyriakos. 10 points Laura & Fleur. 5 points Justin.

Lows: 0 points Liv & Mark. 1 point Craig. 2 points Mike.

"What a stunning woman! And this performance is everything for me! There's a bit of drama and the chorus is very memorable. I have not stopped watching it on repeat. Added this straight to my playlist." ~Kyriakos

"Mixing modern dance beats with orchestral string flourishes, this is a very promising Sanremo debut from Clara. She has a bright future ahead of her!" ~Laura

"This might not be one of the favourites but I think it's fantastic. I love the rhythm of this especially. Definitely a guilty pleasure for me. I would not complain if this wins." ~Fleur

3. Angelina Mango – 'La Noia' (75 points)

Highs: 12 points Craig & Mike. 10 points Dale. 8 Points Liv & Justin.

Lows: 0 points Mark. 5 points Fleur. 6 points Laura.

"I was so ready for Annalisa to be my 12 points coming into this... but 'La Noia' is so fresh and catchy and fun that I'd be lying to myself if I put anything else first. So many different influences here, from Medpop to urban music to carnivale influences... but it works! The production on the chorus is also possibly one of my favourite things I've heard this season. I would absolutely love to see this at Eurovision." ~Craig

"From the moment she performed this banger on Night 1 I've been hooked. The song has great energy and she kills the vocal and performance. The acapella section is the song is risky, but she pulls it off. This is something I think the legendary Raffaella Carrà would have loved!" ~Mike

"Angelina EATS up at the Sanremo stage. The song itself is a great funky modern track, but Angelina's live performance takes it to another level. I don't think I've seen one of the younger artists own the stage, the camera and crowd quite like she does. She also has chances to show off her vocal, something needed for this contest. This is almost my 12 points and I wouldn't be upset at all if it wins!" ~Dale

2. Mahmood – 'Tuta Gold' (77 points)

Highs: 12 points Liv. 10 points Kyriakos, Justin & Cooper. 8 points Craig, Fleur & Mike.

Lows: 1 point Mark. 3 points Dale. 7 points Laura.

"Five, six, seven, ATE. I'm absolutely OBSESSED with this performance from Mahmood. 'Soldi' never really stood at at Sanremo 2019 for me (although I agree he was the right choice for Eurovision), for me, this is his best Sanremo entry yet. He has swagger and steeze to BURN. I've been doing his 'choreography' all week and this has me throwing it back every listen. He is totally captivating with unique and world class vocals. The production on this is INSANE and actually sounds great with the orchestra." ~Liv

"Not only is Mahmood a compelling performer, the song would go crazy in an arena—it’d be another cracker with the boom boom rhythm in the chorus, and the choreography would be amazing to see on stage." ~Justin

"WOW Mahmood has done it again delivering another stunning Sanremo entry. Hooked from the first watch. Bravo!" ~Kyriakos

"Unfortunately Mahmood chose the wrong time to make for a 3 time tilt at the crystal microphone. This is a fantastic song but there a a couple of other entries that are just a little bit better." ~Fleur

"Mahmood does it AGAIN!! This is a high quality song and entry. I can't fault it really. Could he take a third Golden Lion home?" ~Mike

"Personally, this is his best song he's done at Sanremo. 'Tuta Gold' is contemporary, has a real urban flair and the phone effect hits every listen. Do we need Mahmood at Eurovision three times in the past 5 years? With this song... absolutely." ~Cooper

WINNER: Annalisa – 'Sinceramente' (90 points)

Highs: 12 points Justin, Laura, Fleur, Cooper & Dale. 10 points Craig & Mike.

Lows: 0 points Mark. 3 points Kyriakos. 7 points Liv.

"The ‘Quando’ hook has been stuck in my head since Annalisa first performed, and it was quite different from what I expected after she announced the song titles in December. She hasn’t missed a note, and would definitely style out the rest of the week to make the final." ~Justin

"Annalisa has had an amazing past 12 months; she deserves all the success she’s currently receiving in Italy and then some. This might be the closest thing we ever get to Kylie Minogue sending a song to Eurovision. The production is top notch, the vocals are flawless, and the melody of the chorus has wormed its way into my brain in a way I don’t think I will be able to dislodge for several months or even years. It is pop PERFECTION from start to finish. I think this has a really strong chance to win Eurovision; if it doesn’t even win Sanremo this year I will be genuinely distraught." ~Laura

"Definitely my favourite. What a bop. What an earworm. "Sinceramente quando quando quando quando piango" Italia, you know what you need to do. Guaranteed top 10 in Malmö." ~Fleur

"She delivered! This has incredible production, an unbeatable chorus, and a classy camp vibe which absolutely comes to life on the stage (I was a bit gagged by the ending of Annalisa's first performance on Night 1). It is absolutely past time for a woman to win Sanremo again, and if Annalisa can't do it, I don't know who can. Phenomenal." ~Craig

"This is a damn good song, I've had the pre-chorus stuck in my head this past week and it's not leaving anytime soon. That is exactly what you want from a Eurovision entry, Annalisa performs this effortlessly on stage and would love to see her do it all again in Malmö!" ~Cooper

"Great to see Annalisa bring an uptempo song to the Sanremo stage and this is choice is absolutely brilliant. So far, her performances have been flawless both vocally and in presentation. I would not be disappointed to see this win and Annalisa take to the Eurovision stage in Malmö." ~Mike

"With the repetitive use of "quando" and the simple lyrics of 'Sinceramente' in the chorus it could come across a little basico... but it's everything but! A big reason is Annalisa, she commands that stage and has done from the first few seconds of her first performance. The production is incredible, Annalisa has chances to show off her voice and ultimately those lyrics are catchy as f*ck. I've had "quando" in my head all week and have been singing "sinceramente" along with Annalisa on her first listen. She deserves the crown and we deserve her at Eurovision." ~Dale

How to watch the final of Sanremo 2024

The final show will take place at 8:20pm CET 10 February 2024 (6:20am AEDT - Sunday morning).

All 30 artists will perform their songs for the third and final time. At the end of televoting, the final ranking will be drawn up, determined by the average between the percentages of the final evening and those of the previous evenings, which will establish the final ranking from the twenty-eighth to the sixth position. The top 5 ranked acts will proceed to super final to decide the winner. Votes will be reset. Of the top five in the super final - the winner will be decided by televote (34%), press jury (33%) and demoscopic jury (33%).

Need a guide of how to watch Sanremo this year? We've got you covered here.

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