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Is The Masked Singer Australia's "Snowfox" a Eurovision star?

Credit: Channel 10

*Potential spoilers ahead*

We are up to the fourth episode of season five of The Masked Singer Australia on Channel 10.

The show has had Eurovision-related artists compete each year and fans think we may have another.

Fans already believe "Cowgirl" is an Australia Decides contestant and now they believe "Snowfox" is a Eurovision star.

So who do fans think it may be?

Many fans believe the singer is Eurovision 2016 runner-up Dami Im.

Clues throughout the show have been:

It was during Snow Fox High School that my abilities became apparent.

Dami's music talent shone through during high school where she won multiple competitions.

Now that I’m older I have the drive needed to stay alive.

Dami had a single called 'Alive'.

Snow Fox was shown holding the Swedish flag.

Dami competed at Eurovision in Stockholm.

There was also a clue about having two homes.

Dami was born in South Korea before coming to Australia as an older child.

There was also a clue about Snow Fox's parents which included opera singing.

Dami's mother was an opera singer.

So is it Dami? Make up your mind by watching the clip below:

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