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Iceland: Aussievision's Söngvakeppnin 2024 Rankings

Photo courtesy of RÚV and OGAE Greece

The final of Iceland's national selection show Söngvakeppnin is on this weekend.

Five acts will be competing for the ticket to Malmö. Two acts from each semi automatically qualified with the wildcard being awarded to Sigga Ózk at the conclusion of semi final 2.

Nine Aussievision contributors have ranked the Söngvakeppnin entries using a 12, 10, 8, 5 and 3 points system. Read on to find out who was the team's favourite for 2024.

5. Væb – 'Bíómynd’ (48 points)

Highs: 12 points from Kiel.

Lows: 3 points from John Christian. Craig, Mark, Liv and Fleur.

"Sure, there's not much here that suggests we'll be much chance of heading to Reykjavík in 2025. So why not get another hot mess to join Windows95Man and co in Malmö? I have no idea what the song is about, but I'm all about the entertainment. It probably won't get out of the semi, but its better for Iceland to send this than the other four autopilot-esque offerings.” ~ Kiel

4. Anita – 'Stingum af’ (60 points)

Highs: 10 points from Sam.

Lows: 5 points from Craig, Steven and Tim. 3 points from Kiel.

"A solid, catchy entry from Anita. Not much else to say really that I haven’t mentioned in my comment about Sigga. Kinda sums up the "meh" nature of this national final.” ~ Sam

3. Hera Björk – 'Við förum hærra’ (71 points)

Highs: 12 points from John Christian and Fleur. 10 points from Craig and Mark.

Lows: 5 points from Liv. 3 points from Steven and Tim.

"This entry will be one last shot for returning artists on a quest for redemption. This banger will definitely perform higher than her entry ""Je ne sais quoi"", which is very similar.” ~ John Christian

"This woman is a QUEEN. It's no 'Je ne sais quoi' but it is a decent song. I do not think that Iceland has a winner this year, but for me it is the best of the bunch." ~ Fleur

"Hera Bjork is a CAMP QUEEN and in any other year, I'd be chomping at the bit for this to go to Eurovision. Girl's got pipes, she's charismatic as hell and this song is a dated but catchy dance bop which I absolutely love. Also, the bit in the live performance where the first chorus hits and the camera cuts to... an empty stage made me laugh out loud. I want more! Bring Hera back every year!!" ~ Craig

"A runaway second place. Mama looks EXPENSIVE in a tastefully staged production number. She sounds GREAT and the track is a LUXE club throwback. Frankly it would be criminal if she’s not Top 2." ~ Mark

2. Bashar Murad – 'Vestrið villt’ (81 points)

Highs: 12 points from Craig, Mark, Liv and Tim, 10 points from Steven and Fleur.

Lows: 3 points from Sam.

"Aside from any of the representational politics that go with this entry, this is just a damn good funky tune. The bassline incorporates middle eastern elements subtly but effectively, the lyrics are just the right level of pointed, and Bashar is still just as compelling performer as he was opposite Hatari in 2019. The staging needs another gear, and this is also a case where the English-language version is a clear improvement over the Icelandic version, but otherwise I really enjoy this!" ~ Craig

"This is effortlessly cool and right up my alley aesthetically - an Orville Peck by way of Reykjavik. There’s a darkness and menace to this modern Icelandic hoedown. Bashar is an essential inclusion at this year’s Eurovision, and he’s going to do very well." ~ Mark

"In a year with lots of upbeat female bangers and male ""novelty entries"" this is a refreshing mid-tempo pop tune. Love the production and Bashar's vocal - he deserves to be in the national final and I wish him sincerely the best of luck in the final.” ~ Liv

"Leaving politics and ethnicity aside, there is something quite catchy and enjoyable about this song and its performance. It seems like the other songs in the final are trying to be too glitz and glamoury whilst Bashar is being authentic and relaxed. Maybe it’s not the best song in national finals this year but it’s probably the best chance Iceland have of qualification." ~ Tim

"I don’t love the song, but I’m interested and intrigued by it. I think the dark cowboy/ Western vibe works. It’s the polar opposite to my douze points." ~ Steven

"This is one of the better compositions this year at Söngvakeppnin. I like the vibes that this sends more than anything. Bashar is a good performer and this will lift when he performs it in English. There is something cool about this." ~ Fleur

1. Sigga Ózk – 'Um allan alheiminn’ (82 points)

Highs: 12 points from Sam and Steven. 10 points from John Christian, Liv, Kiel and Tim

Lows: 5 points from Fleur

"In a rather generic, underwhelming line-up this is most striking song for me. Sigga reminds me of a younger, Icelandic version of Kylie Minogue. I love the white leg warmers on her dancers. This would be an excellent girl power entry for the Nordic nation to send – it just screams Iceland! Worried though Anita and Hera Bjork will dilute her vote." ~ Sam

"Floorography? Check! Upbeat dance-pop? Check! Fun vibe? Check! I like it, but concede willingly that we won’t see Sigga on the Malmö stage." ~`Steven

"If Hera Bjork wins, this might do well and I think this would cancel out all of the noisy songs that countries have sent this year. Also, this might pull off a surprise." ~ John Christian

"This is a very familiar, bright Norsk pop sound but I never get sick of it. Her staging concept was the best of the competition- love her energy and presence. Inoffensive, fun fluff." ~ Liv

"I had this as my 12 originally, but after listening to the song all the way through, it just feels like she's trying to do a vocal showcase over a really repetitive backing track. Nonetheless, Sigga dishes up plenty of eye candy and energy here, which would be welcome viewing in Malmo." ~ Kiel

"I do enjoy the classic sound of Eurovision that this seems to trying to replicate. It’s got a good beat to it and it isn’t terrible. It probably just needs another element to it to elevate it to a potential winner for Söngvakeppnin." ~ Tim


So wildcard Sigga squeaks out a one point victory over bookies' favourite Bashar with the Aussievision team. Can she pull off an upset in the main show though?

The final of Söngvakeppnin 2024 will take place on Sunday, March 3 (Australian time) at 6.45am AEDT. All artists other than Væb will be performing their songs in English.

Iceland is the only Nordic country that has not won the Eurovision Song Contest. They have competed 35 times since their debut in 1986. Iceland's best result are two second-place finishes with Selma in 1999 with 'All Out of Luck' and Yohanna in 2009 with 'Is It True?'. Last year Iceland was represented by Diljá with 'Power' which failed to advance to the final.

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