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Hungary at Eurovision - their three award winners

Today is October 23, one of Hungary’s three National Days. The October 23rd National Day commemorates the 1956 anti-Soviet Revolution and the War of Independence. It is also the 30th anniversary of the creation of the Republic of Hungary.

Although the nation has never won the Contest (4th place in 1994 is its best result to date), to mark the day we are looking back at the three Eurovision awards the country has won.

1. Marcel Bezençon Award

These awards have been part of Eurovision since 2002 and are divided into three categories: Press Award, Artistic Award, and Composer Award.

In 2007, Hungary's entry 'Unsubstantial Blues' performed by Magdi Rúzsa and written by Rúzsa and Imre Mózsik won the prestigious Composer Award.

The song finished 9th on the night, but this award sees them join illustrious company such as winners 'Euphoria' and 'Amar pelos dois' as well as other notable songs like 'Sound of Silence', 'Calm After the Storm' and 'Soldi'.

2. OGAE Eurovision Song Contest Poll

This honour is awarded annually to the favourite song of OGAE Clubs (official fan clubs) across the world.

In 2011, Kati Wolf's song 'What About My Dreams' topped the poll, ahead of 'Sognu' from France and Blue's 'I Can' from the United Kingdom.

Unfortunately for Kati she finished in 22nd place, the lowest an OGAE winner has placed (although 'Hero' by Charlotte Perrelli finished only a little higher in 18th spot).

3. Barbara Dex Award

This infamous award was first handed out in 1997 and "honours" the year's worst dressed artist, as voted by fans.

Zoli Ádok won the award in 2009 after finishing 15th in the semi-final with his song 'Dance With Me'.

We personally feel this is a bit harsh. We've seen a lot worse over the years!

So there we go! Even though Hungary has yet to lift the coveted Eurovision trophy, the country has won some notable gongs along the way.

Hopefully they will return to Eurovision soon to win some more!


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