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How to Get an eSIM for Eurovision in Sweden and Denmark

All fans travelling to Sweden or Denmark for Eurovision will need mobile coverage.

If you use your usual provider from home you will most likely incur incredibly high roaming charges.

One way you can use your phone with internet coverage while you're there is through an eSIM.

What is an eSIM?

An eSIM activates a data plan just like a traditional SIM card, except it's all done digitally. So you don't have to physically remove your current SIM at all.

It also means you will have coverage all the time rather than trying to find out the Wifi access and ask for the password in Swedish.

For fans travelling to Malmö or Copenhagen for Eurovision, you will want an eSIM that works Sweden and potentially Denmark.

NordVPN's Saily eSIM

The trusted crew at NordVPN have launched Saily - their eSIM coverage in 150 countries.

The eSIMs have 24/7 customer support and you can trust the security with a brand like them.

Sweden eSIM for Eurovision

For Sweden you can get 1 GB, 3GB, 5 GB, 10 GB of 20 GB and prices start from just $3.99 (AUD)

Prices start from $3.99 (AUD) for 1GB up to $26

If you're using social media and looking at Google maps the 3 GB would be a good healthy amount, you could stretch to 5 GB if you're going to be a prolific user.

However, for those wanting to stream movies or do gaming, you'll obviously need more.

Denmark eSIM for Eurovision

Prices are similar for Denmark:

By purchasing an eSIM you will also also be supporting Aussievision.

However, we fully trust the NordVPN brand and have used eSIMs to cope with travelling for Eurovision in the past. We highly recommend!

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