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France: Slimane releases his Eurovision 2024 song 'Mon Amour'

This morning, France released the first song of the Eurovision 2024 song: 'Mon Amour'.

The song is by Slimane who was only announced last night as the French representative for Eurovision 2024.

The title translates as "My Love" with Slimane explaining the meaning behind it,

I" wrote this song like a love letter I’m sending to all the hearts that will listen to it. Love. Everywhere. Always. More than ever. Together. Let’s go Eurovision!" he said.

Born in Paris to Algerian parents, Slimane came to prominence in 2016's season of France's 'The Voice'.

Since then, he has become a huge name in the French music industry, releasing four number-one albums in France as well as countless successful singles, including 'Des milliers de je t'aime' and 'La recette'. In 2022, he released a duet with France's 2023 Eurovision representative, La Zarra, entitled 'Les amants de la colline'.

Slimane wrote the song alongside Meïr Salah and Yaacov Salah, who he has worked with on many previous occasions.

France will be hosting the Junior Eurovision Song Contest on 26 November and it remains to be seen if Slimane will perform the song there.

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