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Eurovision star Johnny Manuel releases new EP 'Blue'

Eurovision 2018 artist, Johnny Manuel, who represented Bulgaria as part of the group Equinox, has released a new EP 'Blue'.

Johnny is a queer singer-songwriter who now calls Australia home. In 2020, Johnny competed on 'The Voice Australia' where he was close to taking the title, narrowly beaten by Chris Sebastian.

Johnny is building up quite the musical repertoire, and after releasing his debut EP 'Younger Skin'.

When talking about 'Blue', Johnny told Gayety:

“Introducing live drums and strings on nearly every song on Blue has been a necessary part of my growth as an artist because it takes me back to my roots and to the artists who inspire me most like Tina Turner and Sade. I love hearing the depth of sound live instruments can bring to a song especially when combined with a more modern production.”

So far, Johnny has released two singles from the EP. The first, 'End of the Night' was released several months ago, and more recently, he has released the second single from the EP, 'Molotov'.

To add to the list of singles released from the new EP, to celebrate his latest offering 'Blue', Manuel has released a further single, an emotional ballad 'What I Am'.

Johnny Manuel - 'Blue' EP


  1. 'Call it Off'

  2. 'End of the Night'

  3. 'Molotov'

  4. 'Blue'

  5. 'What Am I'

Johnny competed with the groiup Equinox who represented Bulgaria at Eurovision 2018. They qualified for the Grand Final with 'Bones, finishing in 14th place.

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