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Eurovision star Dami Im releases her new album 'MY REALITY'

Australia's Eurovision 2016 representative Dami Im has released her long awaited new album, 'MY REALITY'.

The release comes after Dami exited the latest season of 'Celebrity Masterchef Australia' after a two-round elimination challenge. The dessert challenge got the better of her, sending her home.

Dami Im will launch the album tonight at the Bundaberg Milbi Festival in Queensland.

The album sees Dami take a creative stance on the album, writing and co-writing every track, with the majority of the songs written during the COVID pandemic. Instead of meeting with collaborators face-to-face, Dami met with them over Zoom.

"On this album I really enjoyed working with people whose work is different to what I normally do, and it makes you think about things differently."

'MY REALITY' sees Dami mature as a songwriter, with the songs featuring highly personal lyrics that touch on a wide array of subjects, such as depression or moving out of a childhood home.

"It was a really cathartic album to make, I felt like I was reading my own memoir back when I looked t the lyrics. It was very therapeutic."

The album features most of Dami's most recent releases, including:

Earlier in the month Dami cast doubt about a Eurovision return next year saying "Do I want to go back next year, or do I not. It's such a big commitment I am just not sure if I am ready to do that just quite yet."

The album is Dami's first full-length release since signing with ABC Music last year.

'MY REALITY' Track list

  1. Pray

  2. Scared to Talk To You

  3. Lonely Cactus

  4. Marching On

  5. Memories

  6. Crying Underwater

  7. Paper Dragon

  8. Alone

  9. Kiss You Anyway

  10. Fire

This Sunday, October 31, Dami will unveil 'MY REALITY' with a special online, live music launch for fans from 7.00pm AEDT saying, “I really hope people can join me as I play songs from the album tonight – it is so exciting to see it come to life and make its way out into the world! It is a very special and personal album for me. Please join me to celebrate!”. Check out further details on how to watch here.

'MY REALITY' is also available on iTunes, Spotify and Apple Music.


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