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Eurovision rockstars Måneskin release new single 'The Loneliest'

Photo credit: Måneskin

The 2021 Eurovision winner’s Måneskin have released their first ever original English language ballad and fans are ready more than ever for the release of 'The Loneliest'.

It is hard to forget the mesmerising performance from the 2021 victors of Eurovision, who quickly shot off into the stratosphere of Eurovision success stories after viewers wanted to hear more from these charming Italians. Soon after they begin climbing the charts, performing at events like Coachella and receiving awards such as Best Alternative at the 2022 MTV VMAs.

Photo credit: Måneskin

The song is certainly a switch from the recent pace of upbeat and eccentric rock hits, such as their last single release 'Supermodel'. They've swapped the bright lights and nipple covers for a modest black and white theme accompanied by a stormy background.

Måneskin fans have been speculating the release of an English ballad ever since they sky rocketed into their music success. Especially when their discography is filled with English covers such as 'Beggin'', alongside heartbreaking ballads in their native language such as 'Torna a Casa' and 'Coraline'. Måneskin, once again, have listeners hooked with their perfect balance between vocals filled with deep emotion and stunning instrumental to capture their audience.

To celebrate their newest release, they organised a surprise performance at popular performance venue, The Underground, in Camden, London. There were a limited number of tickets at the box office and as soon as the event was announced, fans began to organise themselves for the chance to celebrate another exciting release.

'The Loneliest' is now available for download and streaming on all music platforms.

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