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Eurovision Fan of the Week - Louise from Ireland

This week we welcome the passionate and lovely Louise (@irlandeloupoint) from Dublin to Aussievision Fan of the Week! One of the few international Eurofans I have had the pleasure to meet in person - Louise share's her two cents on all things Irish with a good sprinkling of Dustin the Turkey propaganda. Read below:

Thank you for being our Aussievision fan of the week! Tell us a little about yourself...

Thank you for having me, I’ve always been a fan of Aussievision! My name is Louise and I’m an Irish Eurovision fan. I was born and bred in Eurovision’s six-time host city, Dublin, although I am sadly still waiting to attend a contest (that reminds me… I need to cancel my flights to Rotterdam… probably ASAP). My other random interests include Formula 1 racing and tennis. I enjoy long walks, cycling and more recently, my quarter-life crisis has led to regular sea-swimming in freezing Irish temperatures. I have been contributing to the channel Eurovision Hub since 2018.

~ I always love hearing about what other Eurofans get up to when they're not obsessing over the contest! of the more interesting pastimes I've seen though is swimming in Irish waters during winter!! (Liv)

How did you get into Eurovision? What was the first year you watched?

Eurovision was always on in my house every May and was considered a fun, casual group activity to share with family and friends. I’d like to think that the first year I watched was Nocturne winning for Norway while only down the road from one-month-old me in Dublin. In actuality, the first contest I fully remember digesting was the exciting year of 2003 in Riga, when Mickey Joe Harte with his wee green guitar was Ireland’s sweetheart. I fully blame my conversion to fan status on 2008 which I fondly dub “The Year of Chaos”. It was the wedding dresses and washing line in 'Pokušaj' that did it, I think.

You lived in Australia before everything went south in 2020, did you have any notable Eurovision experiences with your brief Australian stint?

I really enjoyed my time as a Eurovision fan in Australia. I was fortunate enough to join OGAE Australia and attend a few club events around Melbourne. The highlight of my Eurovision experience was attending Australia Decides 2020 on the Gold Coast, my first national selection, would you believe it - on the other side of the world! I worked on some press coverage with my Eurovision Hub friends and enjoyed the weekend as a fan with other fans from Australia and beyond, it couldn’t have been better.

~ It was a delight to meet you that weekend! Usually Aussie's travel to Europe to watch a national final so you must be part of a pretty exclusive group that went the other way. (Liv)

Whom is your favourite Eurovision performance and why?

I wish the Verona Arena performance of 'Fai Rumore' could count here. Whilst I don’t think the staging was perfect, I would have to say 'La Venda' - Spain 2019. It is my favourite Eurovision song and always lifts me up to a positive place. Miki’s charisma and energy were amazing on the night, and the greenroom conga line was iconic.

~ That performance of 'Fai Remore' surely will be imprinted into the mind of every Eurofan for generations to come - I really do think it's one of *those* moments that really makes your spine tingle and is unforgettable. (Liv)

Which Irish artists would you love to see on the Eurovision stage?

I believe that RTÉ has been missing a trick with two things we do best - bands, and the Irish language. The Academic are the first local band to spring to mind, I’ve seen them live and they really put on a show - I recommend checking out one of their recent songs ‘Acting My Age.’

I’m a big supporter of the Irish language and would love to see somebody like Sibéal representing us and our native language at the contest. Mise Éire is a really stunning piece of music that isn’t too far from The Voice 1996.

What is your opinion or your entry this year ‘Maps’ for Lesley Roy? Is there anything you’d love to see in her staging in the impending rehearsals?

I love it, I’m so happy for her and the team after all of the hard work that has gone into this entry. I don’t ever remember having a representative so passionate and invested in the contest. No matter what happens on stage this year, I know many Irish fans are already excited and proud of everything Lesley has poured into Maps. I hope that her staging will encapsulate the powerful emotions, comfort and love for home which many people felt from the music video. Beyond that, I hope Lesley has a great time on stage and enjoys every bit of the experience.

Which national final do you look forward to the most?

Sanremo is undoubtedly the one I look forward to most due to its class, sense of humour and of course, high-quality music. I also really enjoy digesting it on social media and seeing other fans’ reactions to the marathon that is Sanremo Festival.

In 2021, Norway’s MGP was a standout as I enjoyed almost all of the performances. I will admit, I do miss the entertainment of the recent Operación Triunfo Eurovision galas in Spain.

~ Taste. (Liv)

Would you like to see a return of the iconic and ‘interesting’ Irish National Finals?

The Irish National Finals were both disastrous and hilarious, and provided us with some golden tv moments - “you odious little man” - Marija from Serbia calling Dustin the Turkey a duck - to name a few. However, if a return was in the recent setting of the Late Late Show studio, it’s a big no from me. The acoustics in that studio are not suitable, the floorspace isn’t an appropriate "stage" and I would prefer RTÉ to run a proper national selection in one of our theatres with a burst of new energy behind it. I believe that we need to find our “voice” in Eurovision first through more successful internal selections, maybe even have an “Anouk from the Netherlands” moment, and work from there.

If you could pick only three performances to encourage new people to watch Eurovision what would they be:

Based on what I know my “local” friends like and would enjoy: 'Something Better' (Finland 2014), 'Soldi' (Italy 2019) and of course, 'Euphoria' (Sweden 2012).

Which Eurovision song:

Is the best winner?

'Rock ‘n’ Roll Kids', (Ireland 1994) ♥

Has the best live vocal?

'Mall' - Eugent Bushpepa. In 2018 I went from mildly liking the song to obsessing over the performance and putting it at the top of my ranking after his semi final appearance.

Is your favourite Irish National Final song?

'Crashing Down' - Aimée. I’m still really sad that we didn’t send it in 2013.

Was the best Irish entry?

After my beloved 'Rock 'n' Roll Kids', it’d be a toss up between 'Terminal 3', 'We’ve Got the World' and 'Maps', for me.

Was robbed?

'Era Stupendo' (Switzerland 2008) and 'Never Alone' (Netherlands 2011).

Is your guilty pleasure?

'Irlande Douze Points', 'Baila el Chiki Chiki', 'Hey Mamma!'.. A lot of things that Moldova send. D-Moll and their confusing choreo was also iconic in 2019, I don’t make the rules.

~ Valid points were made. (Liv)

Is your favourite National Final song (that didn't make it to Eurovision)?

'As I Lay Me Down' - Wiktoria, Melfest 2017. I still stream it pretty much every day.

And finally which Australian entry is your favourite…

It has to be 'Tonight Again'. Guy brought the fun, the party, but also showed the world that Australia is passionate about and invested in the contest. What a great way to make an entrance.

I want to wish everyone a wonderful Eurovision month - we’ve never needed it so much!

Thank you Louise - wiser words have never been spoken! To see more of this Irish lass check out her work with Eurovision Hub. Aussievision wish Lesley Roy the best of luck with her venture to Rotterdam at Eurovision 2021.


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