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Eurovision Fan of the Week - Jack from Adelaide

Today our Aussie Eurovision fan of the week is Jack from the 'Douze Points! - The Eurovision Podcast'.

Thank you for being our Aussievision fan of the week!

Tell us a little about yourself – name, hometown/current location and any interesting information about yourself:

I'm Jack, I'm a radio presenter, podcaster and Eurovision mega-tragic from Adelaide, South Australia. When I'm not excitedly foaming at the mouth during national finals season, I'm a Shania Twain superfan and a former The Chase Australia champion.

Welcome Jack! I myself am originally from Adelaide, and it is soooo great to see people from Adelaide running a Eurovision podcast! And wow a former 'The Chase Australia' champion! ~ Kyriakos

You make up one half of the Douze Points! - The Eurovision Podcast, tell us a little bit about that.

Douze Points came to life one night in a local pub when Liz and I realised that there were a lot of Eurovision podcasts that talked about statistics, and talked about voting patterns, but not too many that just really let loose on Eurovision, on the good parts, on the bad parts, on the horrible staging and the gaudy outfits - since that day, I think we've produced more inside jokes and poured more salt on the British than ever before in history.

We're now the proud Podcast parents of two shows - our original podcast on Fridays, which is currently doing a retrospective on every song in Eurovision history, and our brand new show (!!) on Tuesdays, Douze News, which is a quick news show to keep you up to date with everything about the 2021 contest.

Onto Eurovision itself - when did you first get into the Contest?

I've always been aware of Eurovision (it's Australia, how could I not!?), but my first real experience was the 2010 Contest.

What is your favourite Eurovision performance and why?

Hands down, without a doubt, Euphoria. The energy, the beat, the ethereal magic of it all - I will never tire of that banger.

Totally agree, 'Euphoria' is epic! ~ Kyriakos

Which is your favourite Eurovision year and why?

Tough one! Both Liz and I have agreed that 2015 was just an all-around power year for Eurovision, everyone sent their big guns (even Germany gets a pass), and what an iconic top 3!

Yup, 2015 has some of the greatest performances in Eurovision, such a competitive year, and Måns wins, dont forget about Måns haha~ Kyriakos

Which Australian artist/s would you love to see on the Eurovision stage? Which song/s best showcases that artist?

In a dream world, it would be Kylie Minogue every year for the rest of time, with Sia doing backing vocals. More realistically, I'd love to see someone like Amy Shark give it a go, or a second shot from Electric Fields.

Wow, yes sending Kylie to Eurovision with Sia doing backing vocals would be spectacular, I have my fingers crossed too ~ Kyriakos

Which national final do you look forward to the most? What makes it special?

Melodifestivalen is my must-see every year. Sweden goes all out to pick their entrant, and pretty much every entry ends up on my playlist all year long.

If you could change one thing about the Australian national final ‘Eurovision - Australia Decides’ and/or Eurovision what would it be?

The voting sequence needs a revamp! Who are these jurors? Why don't we have an international aspect? Why can't we ask countries like Serbia what their favourite entry is? Tell me your secrets, SBS!

What is your opinion on returning artists? Is there one you would like to see again?

I've said this before, but I'm all in favour of a Dami Im Revenge Tour of the Eurovision stage. With the right song, she'd be nearly unstoppable!

For other countries, I'd like to see some more Eleni Foureira and one more shot from Loreen (gosh, I'm realising how basic I am here!)

If you could pick only three performances to encourage new people to watch Eurovision what would they be:

- Tu Te Reconnaitras

- Fuego

- Dancing Lasha Tumbai because, well…duh!

Which Eurovision song:

Is the best winner?


Has the best live vocal?

Rona Nishliu

Was robbed?

Dami Im!!

Most of us at Aussievision think Dami was robbed ~ Kyriakos

Is your guilty pleasure?

Congratulations by Silvia Night

Epic! ~ Kyriakos

Is your favourite National Final song (that didn't make it to Eurovision)?

Cry by Dotter - criminally underrated

And finally which Australian entry is your favourite…

Zero Gravity by Kate Miller-Heidke

Thank you very much Jack for your time and for sharing your Eurovision favourites with us. All the best with the Douze Points! - The Eurovision Podcast and Douze News! ~ Kyriakos

You can follow the Douze Points! - The Eurovision Podcast on Instagram and Facebook


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