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Eurovision Fan of the Week - Guy from Sydney via Hobart

Our weekly Eurovision fan profiles are back, ready for the new Eurovision 2020 season. First up we have Guy from Australia, we chat to him about the contest and some of his favourites. And if there's a comment in italics, it's from us.

What is your name and where are you from?

I’m Guy, I’m from Hobart in Tasmania, but at the moment I live in Sydney.

What do you do or tell us something interesting about you?

I recently moved back to Australia from the UK where I had some big Eurovision fans around me… so now I’m working on converting my friends in Sydney :D I threw a Preview Party at home this year, which I think I’m still recovering from.

I can relate, living in the UK turned me into the crazy fan I am today ~ Dale

When did you first get into Eurovision?

I always loved watching it, but it was when I moved to London in 2013 that I really got into the full season of it. Before that I didn’t realise there’s months of it to get into.

Which is your favourite Eurovision year and why?

2016 for sure. I remember hearing 'Sound of Silence' the first time, and it gave me goose bumps from the first line. Then when the first rehearsal came and we saw her smash it live, it was pretty cool to think we could be in with a chance in our second year competing. It’s probably also one of the years with the most songs that I still listen to today. To top it all off Måns and Petra were the best hosts. 'Love, Love, Peace, Peace!'

An absolute cracking year and the first time we went to the contest ~ Mike

If you could change one thing about Eurovision what would it be?

I think it would be great if the public in each country could have input into who makes up the jury that represents them. It would be difficult to manage, but sometimes the broadcasters make some strange decisions, and it’s 50% of the scoreboard.

Jury revamp is becoming more and more of a topic these days...

Which artist would you like to see return to the competition?

I’ve got a soft spot for Kaliopi… would a third appearance be too much?

You can NEVER have too much Kaliopi

If you could pick only three Eurovision songs to listen to for the rest of time, what would they be?

Nobody But You – Cesar Sampson

Soldi – Mahmood

City Lights - Blanche

Which Eurovision song:

Is the best winner?

Loreen - Euphoria

Has the best live vocal?

That’s a hard one, there’s a few - but I can’t go past Kate for that performance of 'Zero Gravity'. I feel like I have to mention Eugent Bushpepa with Mall last year though too.

Was robbed?

A Million Voices – Polina Gagarina. Not because Måns shouldn’t have won with Heroes, because he also deserved that win. A Million Voices was also a real winner though and on another year it could have done it.

A perfect Eurovision song, I think it should have won ~ Mike

Is the best from this decade?

Sound of Silence – Dami Im

Is your guilty pleasure?

I’m a real sucker for the power ballads… but actually, why should I feel guilty for that? :)

I guess it’s Yodel It! – Ilinca (feat. Alex Florea)

You should never feel guitly for power ballads, 'Yodel It!' on the other hand....

Any other interesting honourable mentions?

Let’s mention the ballads…

Breathlessly – Claudia Faniello

Dona – Kaliopi

Goodbye – The Humans

Also on high rotation…

Love Injected - Aminata

Oniro Mou – Yianna Terzi

Az én apám - Joci Pápai

There are some 'choices' in here....

Which artist would you like to see perform in Australia Decides?

I would love to see Diana Rouvas perform. I think she would do a great live performance. I also really hope to see Electric Fields back sometime too.

And finally... 'Tonight Again', 'Sound of Silence', 'Don’t Come Easy', 'We Got Love' or 'Zero Gravity'?

Sound of Silence.

Thanks for joining us Guy!


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